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Report released on Parliament Hill shooting.

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  • Report released on Parliament Hill shooting.

    So, we didn't need new legislation, we just needed to actually fund the RCMP.

    Security lapses noted before Oct. 22 Parliament Hill attacks
    Documents show Mounties reduced patrols prior to shootings, despite 3 separate warnings

    "The Harper government's 2012 deficit-fighting budget cuts had already seriously eroded staffing levels for the RCMP's parliamentary force. An October 2014 human resources report shows at least 29 vacant positions, and as many 51 empty posts depending on the accounting method.

    There were a total of 177 positions authorized for the unit, but only 126 "members available," Supt. Luc Lemire reported to his bosses.

    An Ontario Provincial Police investigation into the Oct. 22 shootings also cited the resource-starved RCMP unit, although the exact staffing shortfall numbers were blacked out in the public version of the final report."

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    Seems we needed more than that. How many Keystone cops are enough?