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Harper proposes travel ban for 'places that are ground zero for terrorist ac

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    Originally posted by envaneo View Post
    ..*snip*. if your not against them well...
    I hate hornets too but I'm not going to poke the nest just to prove I love picnics.

    Otherwise smart people proving their strength and solidarity has brought us such winners as WW1 and the war on drugs.


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      Originally posted by envaneo View Post
      ^ Terrorist monsters like Isis are motivated on religious grounds. This has nothing to do with individual nations per se.
      But it has everything to do with a bunch of losers finding a cause in "helping" their muslim brothers fight off "western imperialists". Maybe if we left them alone they would notice that their kings/emirs/Caliph are at least as good at oppression as the US and its allies are.


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        ^ Maybe if we left them alone? Imagine what would happen with that kind of horse and buggy thinking if we said that to Hitler? These monsters are cut of the same cloth. Umm good luck with that!
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          Originally posted by envaneo View Post
          ^ Terrorist monsters like Isis are motivated on religious grounds. This has nothing to do with individual nations per se.
          I strongly disagree. ISIS IMHO is motivated by money and power. The leaders are war lords are creating fifedoms. They are profiting highly from all this chaos.

          Look at the benefits from the opportunity of a failed state that creates a power vacuum.

          The 12 step program to power and profit
          1. Seize power by force with stolen arms
          2. Loot banks and businesses
          3. Recruit the many unemployed young men
          4. Offer copious amounts of drugs and money to recruits
          5. Use them for canon fodder while you profit from a safe bunker or palace, possibly in another country.
          6. Everyone gets to drive stolen cars and carry machine guns, collect women as prizes
          7. Destroy historic sites, burn down or blow up things you cannot take with you.
          8. Loot and pillage precious art and gold and sell them to rich foreigners such as Asian and Russian gangsters
          9. Tax and extort money from areas you control and sell products like oil.
          10. Set up legitimate front companies to acquire more weapons, territory, wealth and resources.
          11. Go for prayers and contribute to local religious establishments to put on a pious appearance.
          12. Lather, rinse, repeat.

          Not just ISIS but I can name you dozens of examples through the ages. History is littered with them. This is just the latest version.

          "Warlordism frequently appears in failed states, states in which central government and nationwide authorities have collapsed or exist merely formally without actual control over the state territory. They are usually defined by a high level of clientelism, low bureaucratic control, and a high motivation to prolong war for the maintenance of their economic system."

          "the estate or domain of a feudal lord. Informal. anything, as an organization or real estate, owned or controlled by one dominant person or group. When one medieval fiefdom defeated another they would drag back its jewels, gold, tapestries and art objects as the spoils of war."
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            Since I'm conversing with left wing posters and no Conservatives are coming to my aid, I'm unsubscribing from this thread.
            Mom said I should not talk to cretins!


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              I am sorry that you seem unable to defend your opinions.

              For the record, I am neither left wing nor right wing. I follow the facts and generally like debating. A good debate sways opinion not capitulation.
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                Originally posted by envaneo View Post
                ^ This is not just a middle east problem. We can not remain idle while our enemies (and the terrorists declared war on Canada first) prepare and attack us. I'm not suggesting a terrorist attack is forthcoming any time soon but by detaining these scumbags reduces that risk. This law (if passed) might not be popular but neither was the War measures act. I'm no constitutional lawyer nor do I pretend to be one but Terrorism both domestic and foreign should be everyone's business. What your suggesting is we should let these scumbags return, no questions asked. Then what? What if they should do the worst? That's blood on your hands not mine. People of the day thought Hitler was a flash in the pan, look what happened with that. These terrorists are monsters and lets call a spade for what it is here but if your not against them well...
                Number of Canadians killed by terrorists in the past few years - 2, both by Canadian citizens. Are you going to prevent Canadians from travelling to Ottawa and Quebec?

                Canada has killed multitudes more civilians in the past few years than terrorists have killed Canadians. Whose blood is on whose hands?

                "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1" - Godwin's law

                Gwynne Dyer explains why terrorism is overblown and why Islamists want western countries to attack the Islamic State

                Don't panic. Terrorism is a very small problem. And any western president or prime minister who thinks they'll severely damage ISIS by dropping bombs on its fighters is terribly mistaken.

                That was the message author and historian Gwynne Dyer brought to SFU Woodward's in a March 25 sold-out lecture at the Goldcorp Centre for the Arts.

                "Well, we lost two people in the last year to terrorism and we lost about 250 a month on the roads," Dyer said. "You know, the Americans lost 3,000 people on 9/11, but they also lost 3,000 people on the roads and another 3,000 to gunshot wounds, mostly delivered by their nearest and dearest.

                "The scale of the terrorism is tiny compared to its presence in the media," Dyer continued. "Really, we should, as much as possible, ignore it. We certainly don't need to overreact by sending troops to the Middle East or aircraft to do God knows what in terms of useful activity. It's just dumb."

                In fact, according to Dyer, if western countries expand their bombing campaigns against ISIS into Syria, it will only make the Islamic State stronger.

                That's because it will reinforce ISIS's message that western infidels are attacking and killing Muslims. Dyer said that this provides a perfect recruiting tool to attract more desperate people to join their cause.

                The former instructor at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (where British officers are trained to lead soldiers) described this as "political jujitsu". And he said this is why ISIS releases grisly, well-edited videos showing westerners being beheaded.

                "You poke the bear," Dyer said, "and the bear comes down and attacks not just you, but everybody around you and people you've never met—and drives some of those people into the revolutionaries' arms."



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                  Originally posted by envaneo View Post
                  ^ Terrorist monsters like Isis are motivated on religious grounds. This has nothing to do with individual nations per se.
                  A false religious basis. ISIL uses pretext to justify their goals of free sex, drugs, money, guns and power.

                  ISIL uses religious texts and rulings to justify and celebrate sexual assault as virtuous

                  A growing body of internal policy memos and theological discussions has established guidelines for slavery, including a lengthy how-to manual issued by the Islamic State Research and Fatwa Department just last month. Repeatedly, the Islamic State leadership has emphasized a narrow and selective reading of the Quran and other religious rulings to not only justify violence, but also to elevate and celebrate each sexual assault as spiritually beneficial, even virtuous.

                  The offensive on the mountain was as much a sexual conquest as it was for territorial gain

                  “Right away, the fighters separated the men from the women,” she said. She, her mother and sisters were first taken in trucks to the nearest town on Mount Sinjar. “There, they separated me from my mom. The young, unmarried girls were forced to get into buses.”

                  The buses were white, with a painted stripe next to the word “Hajj,” suggesting that the Islamic State had commandeered Iraqi government buses used to transport pilgrims for the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. So many Yazidi women and girls were loaded inside F’s bus that they were forced to sit on each other’s laps, she said.
                  “It was 100 percent preplanned,” said Khider Domle, a Yazidi community activist who maintains a detailed database of the victims. “I spoke by telephone to the first family who arrived at the Directory of Youth in Mosul, and the hall was already prepared for them. They had mattresses, plates and utensils, food and water for hundreds of people.”

                  Detailed reports by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International reach the same conclusion about the organized nature of the sex trade.

                  In each location, survivors say Islamic State fighters first conducted a census of their female captives.

                  Inside the voluminous Galaxy banquet hall, F sat on the marble floor, squeezed between other adolescent girls. In all, she estimates there were more than 1,300 Yazidi girls sitting, crouching, splayed out and leaning against the walls of the ballroom, a number that is confirmed by several other women held in the same location.

                  We can sell you and use you as we see fit
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                    Statutory law can label whoever it wants a terrorist scumbag. That includes the remaining conservatives.