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Niqab citizenship ceremonies Trudeau versus Harper

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  • On the bikinis below, I’m guess that, like the niqab, some people believe, or feel, that no women would wear one if not coerced to do so.

    Maybe it’s like mansplaining but telling women what they really think and so what to wear / not to wear based on the male’s preconceived notions about what women really want or should want.

    Lawyer sparks workplace discrimination debate over Teenie Bikini Bistro | CBC News

    “Kelowna lawyer David Brown with Kent Employment Law says it's disconcerting.”

    disconcerting | Definition of disconcerting in English by Oxford Dictionaries

    “Causing one to feel unsettled.”

    Basically we’re 100% for individual liberties and free choice as long as your free choice jives with our notions of what you should be choosing.
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