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Diotte seeking Federal conservative nomination

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    ...and the recent Republican victories in the US are essentially the same thing...given some of the candidates they ran.

    ...I can list many candidates that got in because they ran under the right banner...and the right leader...welcome to party politics and first to the post.
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      Originally posted by Komrade View Post
      The public have said loudly they don't want Diotte representing them.

      How so? Conservative party members nominated Diotte and then voted for him to be their party's candidate in their area. He was democratically elected into this position. If Conservative members "loudly" didn't want him, they would've voted for Omar Tarchichi instead.

      And if people in the riding really have a problem with him, they can vote for the Liberal, NDP, or Green Party candidates in next year's general election.


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        Originally posted by bulliver View Post
        Originally posted by MrOilers View Post
        Diotte wouldn't become anything more than a backbencher. Harper isn't a fool.
        That's the spirit, forget actual representation, just vote for a warm body in a suit!
        What the hell else am I supposed to do? Should I vote for whoever I think is the best candidate in my area and just hope the party I want to see in power wins without my vote?

        I will vote for the member of the party I want to see in power.


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          If you are dead-set on voting CPC then I guess that's what you have to do. Forgive me, it was more a sad joke about the state of our electoral system than anything else.

          Personally though, while Goldring is just an ineffectual empty suit, Diotte is actually smart enough to be dangerous. The guy has some pretty terrible ideas that lay pretty much 180 degrees from my own personal beliefs as evidenced by his run for mayor.
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            One more reason for me to vote Liberal.
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