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Quebec - its repatriation not referendum

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  • Quebec - its repatriation not referendum

    Lots of talk about a referendum in Quebec again if the PQ win. Funny stuff about the "wish list" they will aim for:

    Still, if her stump speeches throughout the GaspĂ© and Charlevoix regions are anything to go by – and rare are those that don’t end in an “I have a dream” moment with her partisans – Marois is planning to push for de facto sovereignty, by “repatriating” as many responsibilities as she can.

    Energy independence, a Quebec economic development bank, full power over immigration to Quebec, “food sovereignty” to help farmers produce more cheese, lamb and duck and encourage consumers to buy Quebec.

    Then there’s the “repatriation” of employment insurance.

    In May, the Harper government introduced new unemployment rules that will force many unemployed Canadians, including seasonal workers, to take lower-paying jobs outside their preferred occupations, and an hour’s commute away.
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    Its interesting, because if the do win, and they do go for referendum (despite what saying above), and the Conservatives are still in power (or even the NDP whose Quebec members have a bit of a soverignist bent, although the seats would be important to NDP Federal government), what would happen? I'm not sure the Federal government would then campaign to keep Quebec in Canada (like they did last time). Why get mired in a campaign with all the adscam history, for a Province that takes and demands more than it gives?

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    Quebec politics is all messed up, I was there for 6 months over the last year and I think Charest has the toughest job of any Canadian politican. But I just don't see enough support for a referndum if the PQ wins... Marois is too weak.
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      I bet she wouldn't be attacking military ships if Quebec had won the tender:

      Jean Charest has made other choices. He has chosen to abandon our language. He has chosen [to develop] shale gas. He has chosen to give the North to mining companies. He has chosen confrontation with students. He has chosen to divide Quebeckers … He has chosen to let Stephen Harper choose.

      “Part of our salaries, profits from businesses and sales go to Ottawa. That is Stephen Harper. He has chosen to finance oil companies, prisons, military ships and planes. That isn’t our choice,” Ms. Marois said.
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        I'm sure many Quebecers Voters will reject referndum completely if PQ wins.
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          Once heard it referred to as the "never endum".
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            Worst case scenario:

            The PQ holds a referendum on some softball question(eg. "Do you want Quebec to be all it can be?", I'm exaggerating, but you get the idea), and wins a majority of the vote, somewhere north of 50%, south of 60.

            The federal government, realizing that sovereigntist support is half a mile wide and an inch deep, agrees to negotiate with Quebec, but plays hardball on issues like debt and whatnot, because they know Quebecers don't have the stomach to actually take the plunge if it'll lead to economic uncertainty. The negotiations get bogged down in a stalemate for about a year.

            The PQ eventually folds its hand, maybe accepting some sorta jumped-up version of Meech or Charlottetown as a face-saving way out. For all practical purposes, the issue of Quebec separation is dead for another 15 or twenty years.


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              overoceans.....yes I agree, the younger, educated generations do not have time or tolerance for this referendum garbage. When the last referendum happened, alot of old money left Quebec and lots of it has not returned. So there is not alot of support for a referendum, except by the media, who keeps stirring the pot.
              Time will tell on this new Alberta Government.


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                ^I think the hope of the separatist movement is that the dingbat student protesters will take this up as a cause, on the grounds that Canada is becoming to Conservative for Quebecors. Its a bit depressing if you two are right, I'm not sure it will be good for us to be stuck with Quebec sucking away our money for another 15 years. I'd let them separate even without taking a share of the national debt as we would quicker pay it off without them, and they will quickly replicate it.


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                  if Quebec gets separated from the rest of canada, Quebec have to give up canadian currency and pay back what they owe to the feds but I can tell you, it will cause much trouble for them to go that way.
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                    Somehow I think the natives currently in the province of Quebec might have their own issues with separation that would make things... problematic.
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                      They already invoked the not withstanding clause in the past over the language laws, looks like equality and freedom of speech only applies if you speak French.


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                        Originally posted by sundance View Post
                        They already invoked the not withstanding clause in the past over the language laws, looks like equality and freedom of speech only applies if you speak French.
                        Well, in fairness, any provincial government could invoke notwithstanding if they wanted to. But they don't, because they think it would be politically risky. Bourassa figured he could get away with invoking the clause, so he did. It was all perfectly legal.