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Peter MacKay Knew Full Cost of Libyan Mission

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  • Peter MacKay Knew Full Cost of Libyan Mission

    So does it seem to you that a whole lot of high ranking people knew about the numbers but appear to think it's quite ok to lie to their bosses, the Canadian electorate?

    "The $100-million figure stood in stark contrast to comments made by MacKay to CBC in late October, when he told Canadians the incremental costs were less than $50 million — which he noted was about $10 million less than the Defence Department had predicted.

    MacKay warned during that interview that “there could be more costs that come in after the fact,” but the $50-million figure was later broadcast to other media outlets by MacKay’s office and widely regarded as the mission’s final tally.

    Vance, speaking at a hastily-arranged news conference at National Defence Headquarters on Friday afternoon, said the military had told MacKay before his interview that the incremental costs for the Libya mission were expected to top $106 million..."

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    Mackay has a big nose.....and it just keeps growing longer........same as his dishonest father with the Mulroney regime.
    Time will tell on this new Alberta Government.


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      I wonder who he's p*ssed off in the PC Party to be allowed to take the heat for this one.

      I have a feeling that he did something or said something to Steve, and Steve is getting even.

      Usually, the blame is deflected so that no one person is accountable.


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        Does Peter McKay,

        feel that stevo has finally succeeded in starting to throw him under the bus ?
        Is the rumoured personal dislike true ?
        Was stevo afraid of what was at one time peter's growing popularity ?
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          Originally posted by bobinedmonton View Post
          I wonder who he's p*ssed off in the PC Party to be allowed to take the heat for this one.:
          He has never been popular with Stephen Harper having been the leader of the other coalition party. He has dug his own grave on this one though, the buck stops with the Minister. His earlier fishing trips didn't really help matters.

          Don't be surprised if he is reshuffled soon to a lessor ministry (or becomes an Ambasador to Hong Kong or similar ).
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            MacKay short on accountability

            For the past few months, the Harper government has been taking it on the chin for allegedly low-balling the acquisition costs of the controversial F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

            Throughout the 2011 election campaign, the Conservatives insisted repeatedly that no matter what transpired among the 10 partner nations, and regardless of reported delays and cost overruns, Canada would spend $15 billion to acquire and operate 65 fighter jets for a 20-year lifespan.

            To further alleviate voter concerns, Defence Minister Peter MacKay flew down to Fort Worth, Texas, to tour Lockheed Martin’s F-35 production facilities. After a brief inspection, MacKay told any reporter who would listen that the whole program looked cool to him. He promised the acquisition would come in on time — and on budget.



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              "looks cool"?

              We are not buying a hood ornament here. We are supposed to be buying a complex military combat fighter jet to maintain our Air Force.

              My guess is that in Fort Worth the Lockheed Execs`s let him sit in a cockpit, put on a helmet and let Mackay make jet noises.

              The cool part was the lollipop they gave him for not wetting the pilot`s seat.
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                ^ ok normally PRT you make my eyes roll but that was funny!!

                More posts like that please lol
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                  After watching this, any cost would seem justifiable to rid the world of Gaddafi.

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