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Do you think Quebec should get more house of Commons seats?

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    Grish I would concur on the electoral college system in the USA to me is anachronistic in this era, perhaps it was needed in the horse an buggy era or the time of the steam engine and telegraph. You'd think they'd do away with it especially when one hopefully should be able to vote online at home securely and confidentially. Now I think we should have the right to vote for the PM independently of the MP, as well as vote for senators.

    I do like the split system of voting US senators, where a part are voted in each election, if we have House and Senate elections at the exact same time you end up just duplicating the results and the Senate wouldn't serve well as a "house of sober second thought"


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      NEIL REYNOLDS The never-ending rep-by-pop conflict

      The old conflict will soon assert itself once again, this time perhaps more definitively than ever. Based on the 2011 census, the Harper government proposes to add 30 seats to the Commons, bringing the total to 338: 18 more for Ontario, five more for Alberta, seven more for British Columbia. This would reduce the proportion of Quebec seats from 25 per cent to 22 per cent. The questions now change a bit: When does Quebec confront and concede its existential decline in population and power? And without a 19th-century imperialist around, can the union survive democracy?
      Interesting times we live in. This will certainly call Quebec's bluff.
      “Canada is the only country in the world that knows how to live without an identity,”-Marshall McLuhan


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        I think Quebec should have zero and get zero dollars from the haves and maybe leave Canada entirely. imo
        Just enjoying another day in paradise.


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          Ottawa bestows more seats on Ontario, B.C., Alberta – and Quebec

          Three more for Quebec, I think Alberta did quite well:

          Ontario will get 15 new seats, British Columbia and Alberta six each and Quebec three in the latest and probably final attempt by the Harper government to rejig the House of Commons in favour of the fast-growing provinces.


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            did we really need more seats total? seems like added government bloat to me. redistributing the current # of seats would have worked just as well (although certain MP's would be in arms about it)

            seriously 308 seats for a population of barely 35 mill is a bit nuts. moving up to 338.... are there even enough chairs for that many people...
            be offended! figure out why later...


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              ^what do you think the NDP will say later today? Tough spot for them with all their Quebec ridings, but needing more support in English Speaking Canada. I'm guessing something like what the Liberals are saying. They have criticised the lack of consultation or similar, but haven't really stated what would do different (just dither more I'm guessing).


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                Quebec should not get any new seats added to the house of commons because their population is still same as is for 7 million people for more than 20 yrs now.
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