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    Originally posted by Stoneman View Post

    I never said it was new. Just that your heros have encouraged an environment that further stokes the fires.

    Man, you loonies really get off the tracks when you get flustered....
    Right wingers = "Give us everything we want. No federal environmental laws! First Nations shouldn't have the right to block or even comment on pipelines crossing their land! Allowing gay people to get married is like calling a dog's tail a leg! Global warming is a hoax! Liberals love terrorists! Block all Muslims from Canada! Donald Trump is a great president!"

    Everyone else - "Do you realize how crazy you sound at times?

    Right wingers = "See, it's your fault that we want out!"

    Like this shining example of un-reality. Or perhaps she's right. Does anyone have any figures on how many people have been fined or jailed for saying "Merry Christmas"?

    "They're just giving our country away," Smith said about why she was there. "We have no rights anymore. They're taking them all away. No more Lord's Prayer. But they're putting praying rooms in schools … Merry Christmas — you're not allowed to say [that] anymore. It's supposed to be 'Happy Holidays.'​​​​​​


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      God, I love to see you loonies lose your **** and go crazy over everything and anything on the right. Lol.

      Keep on with your little fantasy conversations - very entertaining.
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