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71,200 jobs last month

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    Originally posted by Stoneman View Post

    I never said it was new. Just that your heros have encouraged an environment that further stokes the fires.

    Man, you loonies really get off the tracks when you get flustered....
    Right wingers = "Give us everything we want. No federal environmental laws! First Nations shouldn't have the right to block or even comment on pipelines crossing their land! Allowing gay people to get married is like calling a dog's tail a leg! Global warming is a hoax! Liberals love terrorists! Block all Muslims from Canada! Donald Trump is a great president!"

    Everyone else - "Do you realize how crazy you sound at times?

    Right wingers = "See, it's your fault that we want out!"

    Like this shining example of un-reality. Or perhaps she's right. Does anyone have any figures on how many people have been fined or jailed for saying "Merry Christmas"?

    "They're just giving our country away," Smith said about why she was there. "We have no rights anymore. They're taking them all away. No more Lord's Prayer. But they're putting praying rooms in schools … Merry Christmas — you're not allowed to say [that] anymore. It's supposed to be 'Happy Holidays.'​​​​​​


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      God, I love to see you loonies lose your **** and go crazy over everything and anything on the right. Lol.

      Keep on with your little fantasy conversations - very entertaining.
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        Well January job growth was huge. Sort of blows a hole in one bad month as a trend. By the same token, a great January just supports a high average score that shows job growth in Canada. and wage increases are 4.4% without any tax cuts for the top 1%. It also shows indications that despite Jason Kenney's $4,000,000,000 corporate welfare, job growth in Alberta is falling compared to the gains in other provinces. So Premier Kenney, what is the solution to creating more jobs, lay off more staff? Maybe you should take the lead.

        Canada’s job market blows past forecasts in January, unemployment rate falls

        Canada’s labour market generated close to double the number of jobs as expected in January as companies ramped up hiring for full-time positions and in goods-producing industries.

        Over the month, 34,500 positions were created, Statistics Canada said Friday in its Labour Force Survey, surpassing the consensus estimate of 17,500 jobs added. The unemployment rate ticked lower to 5.5 per cent.

        With January’s gain, the labour market has unwound the entirety of its losses since September. After a scorching start to 2019, the second half of the year was decidedly weaker. But over the past two months, more than 60,000 jobs have been created, suggesting recent economic weakness hasn’t dissuaded employers from adding to their payrolls.

        “We always caution investors to take any individual Labour Force [Survey] reading with a grain of salt, but the continuation of job creation is putting some of that prior weakness further in the rearview mirror,” said Royce Mendes, senior economist at Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, in a client note.

        Quebec was the strongest province in January, adding about 19,000 jobs. At the other end, Alberta lost a roughly similar number of positions, with much of the decline in part-time work.
        Statscan noted that during its survey week, inclement weather affected the work hours of some 390,000 Canadians, with most of those affected in British Columbia.
        Employment in goods-producing industries increased by close to 50,000 positions, with notable gains in manufacturing (20,500) and construction (15,800).

        Average hourly wages for permanent employees rose by a robust 4.4 per cent from a year ago.
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          Advocating a better Edmonton through effective, efficient and economical transit.