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Seclusion rooms to be banned

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  • Seclusion rooms to be banned

    So is this the canary in the coal mine on kids’ education?

    Alberta becomes 1st province to ban seclusion rooms

    Seclusion rooms to be banned in Alberta schools this fall: education minister

    Alberta’s education minister says a ban on student seclusion rooms in schools will take effect this fall, but there can be exemptions. Fletcher Kent has the details.
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    The "Dialog" on all this has been pretty one sided.

    Teachers, advocates of having some means to deal with students that are out of control in classrooms are effectively muzzled. Parents who are opponents of some of the changes and that want schools to have sufficient means at disposal can't say much without looking like pariahs.

    What has really come to pass in this is that Inclusion has been granted far more licence, has official licence now in "Inclusion Alberta" type lobbying.

    What hardly ever gets heard anymore is the basic rights of other students, parents, to not have their children exposed to the kind of full scale meltdowns that go on from students that are engaged in behaviors sufficient to end up in time out rooms.

    The ironic part of this is that the lack of having all means at disposal to deal with students well out of control is now more limited, so that either schools have to have their budgets increased again to more one on one coverage of some students that are habitually out of control and barring that will have to do more in sending such students home or not having them for extended periods.

    What never gets published is the extent of some behaviors that occur in schools that have required use of time out rooms. People would be outright shocked if they heard much about what goes on PRIOR to timeouts being used.

    In all this though Teachers, experts, that have been dealing with these situation all their working lives have no ability to speak out, are effectively muzzled, and will now be further constrained.

    I'll say this. Anybody I've known that argued hard for inclusion started to see things different ways when they've agreed to spend some time becoming more informed about actual behaviors going on in schools or when they've even worked in the capacities.

    Its idealistic, not realistic, to include any at risk behaviors in schools. Inclusion is in some instances not pragmatic, and maybe even not ideal, overall.
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      CBC radio recently had these episodes:

      'Emotional wellness has been completely ignored': Education expert on preventing violence in schools | CBC Radio

      Teachers and parents respond to the issue of violence in elementary schools | CBC Radio

      This one 5 years ago:

      Should 'Isolation Rooms' be banned in Canadian schools? | CBC Radio
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        I feel sorry for kids who are academics who have to constantly be distracted and have their teachers' attention consumed with disciplining kids with psychiatric problems and other disabilities, instead of helping the majority of the class excel at the curriculum subject matter.

        Yes, disabled and exceptional kids need to be integrated with their peers in school, but it shouldn't be at the expense of everyone else.


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          I never knew we had these rooms. I think they are horrible..

          from the CBC link KC provided..

          Some teachers report being kicked, punched, slapped, hit with objects, bitten, spat at and choked by their students. They also spoke about the helplessness of feeling like they can't protect themselves.

          A good friend of ours, was a special ed teacher, one day a boy turned on her, and just beat her up, it was terrible looking at her, black eyes, broken ribs .she suffers with terrible PTSD, and obviously had to quit her job..she is still in therapy.
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