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Does the Bachelor of Science in MacEwan have a Competitive Wait list?

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  • Does the Bachelor of Science in MacEwan have a Competitive Wait list?

    So here is the thing, i applied in Computer Engineering at NAIT because i want to learn how to Encode and to program but they told me that the program is full and to able to get the program. i have to at least make my academic average higher in order to make it to the Competitive wait list. and they explain it to me that the higher the average are the possible for me to take the program its a competition of grades average. so i decided to just take an Academic upgrading at NAIT and try to apply in MacEwan as a Computer Science (even its too expensive). do you think it is a good plan? also i have to study a 4 year program right?

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    If you've applied to a program and don't even know if it's 4 years that's quite scary. I think you need to schedule an appointment with academic advisors from both NAIT and Macewan and ask all your questions.


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      I already did it in NAIT but it they say that I have to upgrade my grades probably ill just take Upgrading and decide after I finish mmy upgrades


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        I'm hardly tech savvy but wise enough in life to advice you to talk to those that are in the industry already. They not only have the education , but they also have the field perspective as well. The school teaches the pure technical aspect; the true IT personels know the back alley routes along with the technical backbones and the whip cream to top off that backbone.
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