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Cheaper ways to upgrade grades?

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  • Cheaper ways to upgrade grades?

    I want to take Math 30 - 1 but I dont know what school does I go and also do I need to take Math 30 - 3 and 2 for me to able to take Math 30 - 1? by the way im 23 years old.

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    nait, macewen and norquest all offer what you want as does alberta distance learning. i would start by visiting a counsellor or the admissions department at one of the first three. each one should be familiar with the others and should be able to help you make the best choice for you. good luck.
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      For after school studies:



      might help.


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        I second Ken's advice about visiting post-secondary institutions for advice. But I'd go further. Check in with what ever institution you want to be studying at for their requirements for admission. Otherwise, you could go through a lot of expense and bother and find that either what you did is not sufficient (if you pass Math 30-1 you should be pretty safe), or that you didn't have to go through all that anyway.

        Math 30-2 and -3 are not prerequisites. They're different streams for students that may not be requiring the rigor of pre-Calculus math. The prerequisite is Math 20.


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          Metro College also offers courses for upgrade and high school completion:


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            Cheapest way

            Use the Ferris Bueller method

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              Even the brightest of students find them in a situation where they are unable to perform well in academics without their fault. Students find themselves in this situation because they are stucked in a dead end and are not sure how to improve in their studies. So, to come out of this situation; the students should follow some effective ideas to tackle this problem and form an improvised plan which would help to achieve the required grades in which they are capable enough to earn.


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                Many things go into producing a successful person. Family structure, (stable family...yes, there are people that are born to 16 year old uneducated girls that go on to get Masters's degrees, but the world runs on rules, not exceptions.) , social network, examples of older brothers/sisters, and simply being in a family where academic excellence is expected....also mentorship, unfortunately, some people come from families without any positive examples.


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                  Excellent article, Margaret Wente hits the nail on the head again.