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I am undecided. Please help me

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  • I am undecided. Please help me

    yes, I am undecided because i dont know what is the most in demand in terms of Majors of business Management here in Edmonton that can leads to a good job, basically, we have many majors in business management such as finance, accounting, International Business Major etc. i am having a difficulty of what kind of majors i should pursue and that also leads to my other problem what is the best school interns of Business Management program? as i told you in my recent post here i am very clueless on how the system works here in Edmonton. also i am having a second thoughts if this program would actually fit to my personality, because most of the time, i can say that i am more of a loner, introvert person that rarely speak to a lot of people because i am very shy and poor salesmanship and random things i hate to say this but i have a poor self esteem. guys i need your help again because i can only do this Student loan once in my life and have to work for my money thats why i had to think about this really deep coz having a debt on my bank account is really heavy to myself(pay for it) and i dont really know how the student loan works.
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    You should really be contacting Undergraduate Services for this discussion.

    And you should be making your decision on what you like best without tying to second guess the job market years out. Join some study groups or campus clubs of volunteer and participate. The more you participate and contribute the less shy you will be.
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      University is a huge investment in time, money, energy and imo should not be undertaken until one has a better developed sense of what they want to do.

      You have also acknowledged difficulties with English in your posts which would also represent a challenge for you at this time.

      Some people find "Aptitude" tests helpful to discover more about their interests. Others contact places like Alberta works to find more information on career plan development, or speak to somebody.

      You're likely going to find better information from experts from either institutions, services, than you will making this anonymous enquiry online.

      This is probably your most important contact now, can't remember if anybody linked it in the other thread;
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        If it has the word 'international' in it be ware. I still say do something technical first, and then get a 'business degree' later.


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          If money is a big problem, you could consider taking distance courses through Athabasca University. At least it would be a start. Later, you can transfer the credits to a regular university. But talk to U of A and MacEwan first to get recommendation on courses.

          I'm doing a program through Athabasca because I don't want to give up my professional job in order to continue schooling.