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New President at the University of Alberta

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    I don't know if the issue is whether Turpin is good. He is running a high profile public institution and the salary level is an issue. It will be scrutinized and perhaps criticized. Very few public positions pay that much in Alberta. Are there others that could do the same quality job for less? Perhaps. The contract was signed by the previous government. Would the current provincial government have agreed to the same level or even close to it? I think probably not. If administrative budgets are tight and being cut, it may not be unreasonable to expect senior leadership to lead by example, even if it is not legally required.
    The province has nothing to do with hiring a university president or determining their salary. The university’s board of governors is responsible for this.
    The province provides a huge amount of funding for the University, so they have an interest in.


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      The province does not get a say in hiring a president. They can provide an opinion but that’s about as much say as they get and it doesn’t count for a whole lot. The board hires a president based on what is best for the university, and being on good terms with government is a big part of that job.