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    There is always talk of Edmonton being ignored by the other layers of government. I have thought of a way to raise our profile and develop some cooperation.
    I would like to see the Chamber of Commerce host an annual "Edmonton Regional Congress".
    Invite the Mayor, all of City Council, all of the regions MLA's, all of the regions MP's and the mayors of St. Albert, Sh. Park, Ft. Sask, Leduc and Spruce Grove.
    Have them meet for a few days in Jasper with a purely "Edmonton" agenda.
    A few details to make it work;
    Hosted by the Chamber would make attendence a must, it is a high profile organization with credibility that also represents a lot of campaign donors. Politicians don't bite the hand that feeds them.
    No media contact until a final news conference at the end. This will allow for a less partisan exchange of ideas. It would eliminate scrambling for photo ops and the wasted time that would come with phony "progress reports".
    Have it chaired by the mayor, purely symbolic but important.
    Having all of city council but just the mayors of the outlying communities will give it proper balance.
    An agenda based on "Edmonton" issues developed and published in advance. This would put pressure on for results and give all the attendees time to prepare and come with resources to address the issues.
    Perhaps we could break them into working groups of local, provincial and federal representatives to study specific agenda items.
    No Prime Minister, Premier or Party Leaders, purely Edmonton and as non-partisan as possible.
    This doesn't need to be a boiler room atmosphere. I envision a non-partisan team approach to issues. (maybe I am Dreaming on the non-partisan) I think it would be a great place for these people to get to know each other.
    Have it in Jasper or someplace similar. A positive, first class venue that they will enjoy.
    I can't help but think a golf foursome with Mayor Mandell, Brian Mason, John Williams and Rahim Jaffer would come up with some innovative approaches to Edmonton issues.
    Regardless of the level of government these people are all elected to represent the citizens of the Edmonton area.
    They are also all bright and dedicated people who want to make a difference, I think if we got them all together and put them to work we could facilitate that.

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    Excellent post ralph60...

    Isn't something like this going on now, just not in Jasper? I know that nothing this formal is going on, but isn't there some type of forum in Edmonton?

    I think something like this that is formal and set could get a few issues out of the way. Yes, Edmonton does lament why we are poked in the eye, but that is a lot of our own fault. Now, with a new premier and a new Edmonton council, we could get some traction here.
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