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Klein to leave by year-end after leadership vote

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  • Klein to leave by year-end after leadership vote

    From the Journal Online - free site.

    Tuesday » April 4 » 2006

    Klein to leave by year-end after leadership vote

    Edmonton Journal

    Tuesday, April 04, 2006

    CREDIT: CanWest News Service
    Premier Ralph Klein gives his speech at the PC convention Friday night in Calgary.

    Premier Ralph Klein says he will resign in September to make way for a Conservative leadership vote and turn the job over to his successor by the end of the year.

    After suffering a crippling blow from Conservative party members on the weekend, Klein said today he will continue as premier and Conservative party leader over the summer and an submit his resignation to the party sometime in September.

    He will remain in office until his successor is chosen, probably in November or December, he added.

    He acknowledged he is leaving earlier than he planned. But he said the party’s luke-warm show of support for him at the weekend convention in Calgary made it impossible to stay.

    “Even though Albertans gave our government a majority mandate only 16 months ago, and a large percentage of Albertans continue to support me as premier, the political realities will make it increasingly difficult to do my job,” he told a packed news conference at the legislature. “They will only take away from what government is trying to achieve. I don’t think I can govern.”

    He said he still intends to proceed with a number of initiatives including his “third way” approach to health reforms and economic diversification.

    “In the time between now and then, I will focus my efforts on continuing to build this province and leaving it in the best possible shape for our children and grandchildren,” he said. “Carrying out that vision is where my focus is going to be throughout the rest of my term.”

    Klein’s future has been subject to furious speculation since his disappointing 55.4 per cent approval rating at the weekend’s Conservative convention in Calgary.

    The party has since closed ranks around him, although there have been accusations that some of the candidates running for his job orchestrated the vote against him.

    He entered today’s news conference with applause and hugs from his MLAs. He embraced former chief-of-staff Rod Love, who is now working for perceived frontrunner Jim Dinning.

    At the start of the weekend convention, Klein asked the 1,100 party delegates for their support to remain in office until October 2007. But he received a disappointing 55.4 per cent approval rating, down from previous votes of over 90 per cent.

    “That support was not what I had anticipated, nor is it strong enough for me to stay on as long as I had intended,” he said today. “I was shocked because the reaction from party members Friday night indicated to me that I was going to get much stronger support.”

    Klein’s wife, Colleen, has blamed “dirty politics at its best” for her husband’s poor showing.

    But the premier refused to blame anyone.

    “It has been a tough few days for all of us,” he said. “She is protective and passionate about the people she cares about.”

    He said he thinks he lost support for his plans that would have effectively extended the leadership campaign to 18 months from six.

    He said he feels disappointed rather than betrayed.

    He said he intends to proceed with the controversial “third way.”

    “That’s up to Iris (Health Minister Iris Evans) but it is business as usual.”

    Six candidates are actively campaigning for the job. Former cabinet minister Dinning is the perceived frontrunner, followed by recently ousted cabinet minister Lyle Oberg.

    Dinning identified his leadership interests a couple of years ago, while Oberg was dropped from cabinet in March partly for telling his constituency association they didn't have to vote for Klein in the review, and should instead vote with their conscience.

    Other leadership aspirants include former Klein cabinet ministers Mark Norris and Ed Stelmach, backbencher Ted Morton and Advanced Education Minister Dave Hancock. Former Reform Party founder and leader Preston Manning has also expressed interest.

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    Swan song more like a dive...

    Klein could have made this an elegant swan song instead he held on too long and his immediate legacy will be a dive.

    The dive of his is into infamy of failed leadership, miscues and inelegant bumbling.

    No reason to say RIP—how about just saying it is about time. Good-bye, good-luck now please just go away.


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      6 months...long enough to push through the Third Way thing.
      “You have to dream big. If we want to be a little city, we dream small. If we want to be a big city, we dream big, and this is a big idea.” - Mayor Stephen Mandel, 02/22/2012


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        Originally posted by Sonic Death Monkey
        6 months...long enough to push through the Third Way thing.
        Who knows. This health care reform was supposed to have been coming for a while now. Remember when all the papers were proclaming that the "revolution [was] back in Klein"? That faded pretty quickly...
        LA today, Athens tomorrow. I miss E-town.


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          Hmm.. looks like you dual posted in the same message Richard. Should probably fix that

          As for successors, is there anyone who is running that is competent? I really don't follow provincial politics closely.
          Time to grow up.


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            Jim Dinning is in the Leadership Race to replace Ralph

            April 4, 2006

            Premier Klein's Announcement
            Statement from Jim Dinning

            Today belongs to Ralph Klein. It is his day, a time for all of us to remember the wonderful things he has done for our province, and a time to reflect on how much better off Alberta is because of his thirteen years of leadership.

            Throughout his term as Premier, Ralph Klein has demonstrated an uncanny ability to touch the hearts of Albertans. Today was no exception.

            Like so many Albertans, I have the highest regard for Ralph and Colleen Klein. I respect the decision he made today and thank him for his leadership.

            For those who don't know him, Jim Dinning was a former treasurer of Alberta. He was the first person in the PC race to replace Klein for leadership.

            I think the e-message was a classy thing to do. I am sure there was an agenda behind it (I am not that naive.) but Dinning was restrained and respectful, two good qualities for a leader to have.

            Is it enough to run Alberta? Not sure, but at least he has never hit a page in the Legislature or insulted people on AISH.


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              Originally posted by Ceres
              Hmm.. looks like you dual posted in the same message Richard. Should probably fix that
              what the... It won't die....

              I blame the database admin.. :P
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                I guess I'll have to lend you a hand...
                Time to grow up.


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                  Around and Around -- Cabinet Shuffle at the Leg.

                  David Hancock’s decision to resign his Advanced Education portfolio has made left a gap in Edmonton. He has been replaced by Denis Herard (Calgary-Egmont).
                  The U of A Students’ Union has already contacted the ministry about concerns regarding budget promises. Response has been that “the money was in the budget, no reason that the new minister would take it away”. We shall see won’t we.

                  Things are getting interesting…

                  April 5, 2006

                  New cabinet team will be "strong, united and focused," Klein says
                  Changes also made to committee memberships
                  Edmonton... Premier Ralph Klein has announced changes to his cabinet line-up that will see some new faces at the table and new assignments for cabinet veterans to fill vacancies in key portfolios.
                  Ty Lund, MLA for Rocky Mountain House, has been appointed Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation, a role he has been acting in for almost two weeks. Lund held the Infrastructure portfolio from 2001 to 2004. A stronger focus on capital planning has resulted in the creation of a new cabinet position of Associate Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation. Little Bow MLA Barry McFarland will fill that role as Minister Responsible for Capital Planning. Investing in Alberta's infrastructure to meet growth pressures and long-term needs will continue to be a high priority for the provincial government.
                  Gary Mar, MLA for Calgary - Mackay, is the new Minister of International and Intergovernmental Relations. Mar previously held the Community Development, Health and Wellness, Education, and Environment portfolios.
                  Denis Herard, MLA for Calgary-Egmont, has been appointed Minister of Advanced Education. Herard chaired the Education and Employment Standing Policy Committee and has served on a number of education, business and information technology boards.
                  Denis Ducharme, MLA for Bonnyville - Cold Lake, trades in his whip duties to take on the Community Development portfolio. Ducharme has served on numerous government committees and retains his responsibilities as Chair of the Francophone Secretariat.
                  Whitecourt - Ste. Anne MLA George VanderBurg takes up the Government Services post. VanderBurg recently served as chair of the Energy and Sustainable Development Standing Policy Committee.
                  "This is a cabinet that will be strong, united and focused on moving forward with the agenda we've set," said Klein. "The combination of proven performers and new talent will take action in areas that have been identified as priorities, especially addressing Alberta's infrastructure needs."
                  Klein also announced changes to the memberships of the Treasury Board, Agenda and Priorities Committee and Standing Policy Committees.
                  New cabinet members will be sworn in April 6 at a ceremony at Government House at 3:30 p.m.

                  April 5, 2006
                  Alberta's cabinet in order of precedence
                  The make-up of the new Government of Alberta Cabinet, in order of precedence, is as follows. New appointments are indicated in italics.
                  Ralph Klein (Calgary-Elbow) - Premier, President of Executive Council, Chair of Agenda and Priorities, Vice-Chair of Treasury Board, Minister responsible for the Public Affairs Bureau.
                  Shirley McClellan (Drumheller-Stettler) - Deputy Premier, Minister of Finance, Chair of Treasury Board, Vice-Chair of Agenda and Priorities Committee.
                  Ron Stevens (Calgary-Glenmore) - Minister of Justice and Attorney General
                  Iris Evans (Sherwood Park) - Minister of Health and Wellness
                  Ty Lund (Rocky Mountain House) - Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation
                  Gary Mar (Calgary-Mackay) - Minister of International and Intergovernmental Relations
                  Clint Dunford (Lethbridge-West) - Minister of Economic Development
                  Gene Zwozdesky (Edmonton-Mill Creek) - Minister of Education
                  Greg Melchin (Calgary-North West) - Minister of Energy
                  Mike Cardinal (Athabasca-Redwater) - Minister of Human Resources and Employment, and Minister Responsible for Personnel Administration Office
                  Guy Boutilier (Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo) - Minister of Environment
                  Heather Forsyth (Calgary-Fish Creek) - Minister of Children's Services
                  Victor Doerksen (Red Deer-South) - Minister of Innovation and Science
                  David Coutts (Livingstone-Macleod) - Minister of Sustainable Resource Development
                  Pearl Calahasen (Lesser Slave Lake) - Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development
                  Gordon Graydon (Grande Prairie-Wapiti) - Minister of Gaming
                  Rob Renner (Medicine Hat) - Minister of Municipal Affairs
                  Luke Ouellette (Innisfail-Sylvan Lake) - Minister of Restructuring and Government Efficiency
                  Harvey Cenaiko (Calgary-Buffalo) - Solicitor General & Minster of Public Security
                  Yvonne Fritz (Calgary-Cross) - Minister of Seniors and Community Supports
                  Doug Horner (Spruce Grove-Sturgeon-St. Albert) - Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
                  Denis Herard (Calgary-Egmont) - Minister of Advanced Education
                  Denis Ducharme (Bonnyville-Cold Lake) - Minister of Community Development
                  George VanderBurg (Whitecourt-Ste. Anne) - Minister of Government Services
                  Barry McFarland (Little Bow) - Associate Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation, and Minister Responsible for Capital Planning
                  - 30 -


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                    Is it enough to run Alberta? Not sure, but at least he has never hit a page in the Legislature or insulted people on AISH.
                    No. But he he's tied into the "private for profit medicare" lobby.


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                      The sooner Klein leaves the better. We need a change in this province. We have been on cruise control for too long with no real vision or plan for the future. Hopefully whomever replaces him will be able of offer some concrete plans on what they want to do to our province.