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Jason Kenney and the UCP Performance - first year of power

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  • Because it's totally unbelievable that a party that would cheat in their own leadership vote and run a kamikaze candidate would stoop so low as to spread false information.

    Alberta election plagued by 'inauthentic activity,' disinformation, says report
    Spike in inauthentic accounts mainly driven by 'supporters of the United Conservative Party (UCP).'

    A government of Canada team says it identified a number of "inauthentic" social media accounts and cases of disinformation in the run-up to the Alberta election — and is warning that similar tactics could be used this fall during the federal campaign.

    In new report dropped today, the Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) team, housed at Global Affairs Canada, says it identified accounts that demonstrated coordinated "inauthentic behaviour" during the April provincial election

    Government officials speaking on background told CBC News there is nothing to suggest the accounts swayed the result of the election, which saw United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney elected premier.

    The report said the suspicious accounts appear to be mainly domestic, not foreign, as the community was mainly driven by "supporters of the United Conservative Party (UCP)."

    RRM said a number of the inauthentic accounts commenting on the election supported the People's Party of Canada, which is federal.

    The government officials took pains to point out that that there is nothing to suggest the parties themselves directed the accounts.

    The RRM team also identified accounts tied to lobbying groups that were spreading disinformation online in the run-up to the Alberta election. Officials would not say which groups were involved.

    The team also found accounts associated with "known national far-right and hate group actors" spreading disinformation on social media leading up to the Alberta election.


    • Originally posted by JamesL View Post
      Totally normal and non-petty for Jason Kenney to remove the word "Public" from "Public Schools":
      there is no "public" in the name of bc's boards (i.e. it is the Vancouver school board). there is also no parallel separate or catholic school system in bc either.

      i believe that's the same for the other six provinces without parallel systems. if this is the first step towards that, i could get wholeheartedly behind it!

      on the other hand, even in ontario which is one of the other two provinces
      that still has separate catholic schools, there is no "public" in the name of the toronto district school board either. saskatchewan - which is the third province that still has two systems - still retains public in their board names.

      whether it's in the board names or not, i don't think there's any confusion anywhere in the country about which boards provide free public education for their students whether with or without parallel catholic boards and schools.

      having said all that, i don't think this announcement matters a damn one way or the other, other than possibly serving a purpose similar to one of trump's tweets - absolutely meaningless but it creates an uproar and diverts attention from where attention really should be spent.
      "If you did not want much, there was plenty." Harper Lee


      • I think a lot of the smaller communities will suffer, especially when they give municipal subsidies to attract (or retain) business.
        "Talk minus action equals zero." - Joe Keithley, D. O. A.


        • Critics blastsuggestion Alberta education funding be tied to performance

          This is kind of scary if it happens. It’s well known that poorercommunities perform worse due to things like home life/stress/working jobs/lackof support etc. This will just make things worse for them, poor performance>leadsto less funding>leads to even worse performance.Just another way to screw over the poor I guess.
          Advocatesfear an uneven playing field for students after the much-anticipated MacKinnon report onAlberta’s finances proposed some education funding should be tied toperformance.“It means kids living in the margins either throughpoverty, disability, trauma, mental health issues, are going to be left behind.Those are actually the children that public education was always supposed tohelp the most.”

          A shift to performance-based funding is also a concernfor parents like Carrie Bosinski, whose child has attention deficithyperactivity disorder.“His scores are always going to be lowerthan most children’s scores, his whole life going through school,” Bosinskisaid.“This is the type of situation where thisisn’t really a public school anymore. This sounds more like a privatizedschool.”

          In addition to this suspicious move. Sure it could be for "streamlining", but why change things when it just creates more work and costs money?

          Alberta government orders school boards to remove 'public'from names, raising fears
          "They hope it flies under the radar with the public, butit's an incredibly deliberate, strategic plan to undermine public education,which is the first step in privatization," she said. "You underminefirst, then you underfund, and then you privatize.""Charter schools don't have democratically electedboard. So again it's another way to conflate and confuse and blur the linesbetween public schools, charter schools, private schools, and we think it'svery deliberate."Silva pointsout that for a government intent on cutting red tape, this change is likely toincrease it."That's what makes usrealize that this is absolutely deliberate. This is absolutely something theyare going forward with in spite of the fact that they prefer red tapereduction, because this is going to create a lot of red tape, a lot of work.And it's going to divert funds from the classroom."


          • Maybe invert the funding, more for poorly performing schools.

            Hey, the Oilers get first draft pick for under performing all year.
            Advocating a better Edmonton through effective, efficient and economical transit.


            • Originally posted by Edmonton PRT View Post
              Maybe invert the funding, more for poorly performing schools.

              Hey, the Oilers get first draft pick for under performing all year.
              And that's really given them the incentive to get better.


              • ^ ^^

                i know it was probably meant in jest (at least the comment about the oilers) but there is some merit to that.

                not the "more for poorly performing schools" per se but a recognition that all schools don't start on an equal footing.

                mcdavid would likely never have laced up skates for the oilers if he had a choice of where to play. imagine what the oilers would look like if they could only dress a team that either chose to play here or simply - for whatever reasons - couldn't play elsewhere?

                in that - other than as a result of financial constraints - the best students in the province and the best students that choose to come to the province from elsewhere can attend the college or university of their choice, those institutions that enroll the rest shouldn't be penalized for not having the best and the brightest.

                as a result, maybe they should be overcompensated for their lack of the best and the brightest to assist them in actually trying to teach those who are not? nobody's expecting portage to generate as many rhodes scholars as the u of a but there should be some analysis of why portage is not as successful as northern lakes (or there needs to more analysis of the selected criteria that were made public vs those that weren't).

                is the best answer closing portage or doubling portage's per capita funding based on the students whose lives they are expected to improve through education? it's a legitimate question in my books.
                "If you did not want much, there was plenty." Harper Lee



                  Huh? This is something alright. Ridiculous and intimidating - not an easy balance to strike. It's the authoritarian sweet spot though.


                  • Hmm there's a word for what that is. "Propaganda" or something like that.


                    • ^ I'm not sure. There is a lot of interest and inquiry into foreign interference of information and ultimately opinion when it comes to our elections. Should we not inquire and understand the level of interference of opinion for other things, such as our economy?


                      • Cribbing this from Reddit:

                        Option 1 - The environmentalists are being foreign-funded, and we're spending $2.5mil to find out. After which we can do nothing, because foreign-funded action groups are not illegal. If they were, most of the action groups aligned with the Conservative government would have a hard time securing funding.
                        Option 2 - We're wasting $2.5 mil (likely substantially more because they'll cook the books to hide questionable expenditures) to find out what everyone already knows - Alberta is too small a player to warrant attack funding.
                        Giving less of a damn than ever… Can't laugh at the ignorant if you ignore them!


                        • Yeah, got to make sure environmentalists don't say anything bad about the foreign owned oil companies, particularly China.


                          • ^^But it makes him and his supporters "feel good", even if it ends up being completely counterproductive. Public money well-spent!
                            “Son, one day this will be an iconic structure shaping Edmonton’s skyline.”


                            • There was a line in a beaverton article that was just posted that is hilariously sad/accurate.

                              Meanwhile, the Premier call on his province's American/Chinese/Dutch-owned oil and gas industries to report any foreign interference from environmental groups



                              • Originally posted by ajs View Post

                                Huh? This is something alright. Ridiculous and intimidating - not an easy balance to strike. It's the authoritarian sweet spot though.
                                Cross-ref. to this 2010 thread on c2e:
                                (Of course the power of the internet fails again - the links are long dead. However the thread had more recent links to stories.)

                                US Billboards urge no travel to Alberta


                                Originally posted by Barry N View Post
                                CALGARY - A San Francisco-based environmental group has launched a billboard campaign in several U.S. cities asking Americans to rethink their travel plans to Alberta because of the oilsands.

                                Read more:

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