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Jason Kenney and the UCP Performance - first year of power

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  • Originally posted by Top_Dawg View Post

    Yes, 55% of voters got it wrong.
    lol, yes, of course they did. They sure got it wrong the election before this.
    Animals are my passion.


      this guy gave a great interview..
      Animals are my passion.


      • Originally posted by kcantor View Post

        when you recognize all of the following:
        1. there is no skills or knowledge test or quiz that must be passed in order to vote.
        2. there is no skills or knowledge test or quiz that must be passed in order to run for office.
        3. there is no requirement for those elected to actually live up to their election promises whether or not anyone believed them.
        4. as harlan ellison once said, "the two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity" and
        5. hydrogen is a distant second to stupidity.
        then yes, it's pretty easy for 55% of voters to get things wrong.

        Yes, to the cornholio contingent everyone who doesn't think like they do is unskilled and not intelligent enough to understand the issues.

        Only they are the keepers of all knowledge.

        Top_Dawg will posit that the vast majority of people understand very well the issues that impact their lives.


        • I am Jack's complete lack of surprise:


          • I'm shocked! Shocked, I say!!


            • Alberta to have Wexit option federally.

              Wexit party granted eligibility for next federal election

              Elections Canada granted eligibility to the party Friday, which will allow Wexit to get its party name on the ballot and issue tax receipts for political contributions.

              Speaking at a rally in Edmonton held at the Alberta legislature on Saturday, party leader Peter Downing said the decision concluded a year-long effort to establish a legitimate political entity.

              "[The Reform Party's] slogan was 'The West Wants In,'" Downing said. "Our slogan is, 'The West Wants Out.'"

              The party says it plans to nominate 104 candidates to federal ridings in four provinces — Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.


              "Even in [Kenney's] body language and his tone of voice this week with [Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland]. He's not in the drivers' seat," Downing said. "If Jason Kenney is unable or unwilling … the public mood will change and Wexit Canada will be there to receive the support of Albertans."



              • Premier of Alberta quotes the 34th Rule of Acquisition - "War is good for business"

                "One thing we see in the conflict this week in the Middle East is the huge advantage that Canadian energy has in terms of international security,” Kenney said in a video posted to Twitter Monday, in which he argues Alberta is "turning a corner" in terms of investor confidence.

                Jason's bud Donald Trump escalates the situation and all he can do is look at the financial upside of hundreds of dead people and hopes for more.


                • I dont get it. What is he saying thats wrong? A US contractor was recently killed by a rocket in Iraq, hes pointing to the fact that kind of stuff isn't an issue here.


                  • ^^ Well, would you rather do business or work there, or do that business/ work here ? It's really too bad we did not expand our pipelines, that would reduce the reliance on these areas.


                    • I'm no fan of Kenney, but he was clearly referring to the instability in the region and how we don't have that here. You'd have to be incredibly biased to think he was suggesting, even subconsciously, that we're going to profit from an airliner getting shot down.


                      • Wouldn't we profit from an even wider conflict? Haven't oil prices gone up since Trump assassinated Suleimani?

                        Wouldn't all out war in the region impact oil supply and prices? And isn't he saying that would help our economy?

                        From the article:

                        But Lori Williams, a political scientist at Mount Royal University in Calgary, found Kenney’s comments insensitive, saying they seem to suggest suffering in Iran could benefit Albertans on some level.

                        “To one night express sympathy for the horror that people are undergoing as a result of this tragedy, and the next to say it’s good for Alberta’s economy, is tone deaf in the extreme,” Williams said.

                        “Whatever causes the fluctuations in international oil prices, it just doesn’t look good to appear to be either planning on or touting the benefits of conflict, of suffering amongst people in other parts of the world, being an advantage to Alberta,” Williams said. “It’s astonishing.”


                        • ^ Agreed. But how the post was stated, seems like it's an attempt to suggest that.


                          • Originally posted by kkozoriz View Post
                            Wouldn't we profit from an even wider conflict? Haven't oil prices gone up since Trump assassinated Suleimani?

                            Wouldn't all out war in the region impact oil supply and prices? And isn't he saying that would help our economy?

                            From the article:
                            Your article itself says Oil prices wont be impacted with any conflict:

                            But oil price expert Bessma Momani, a political science professor at the University of Waterloo, said that’s not how the oil market works.

                            Escalations in the Middle East would have set off major price spikes 10-15 years ago, but that’s no longer the case.

                            “It’s almost been built into the price already. And I don’t think there’s going to be a lot of fluctuation anymore. Those days are long gone,” Momani said.

                            Not to mention the following from the article:

                            Payman Parseyan, past president of the Iranian Heritage Society of Edmonton and a former press secretary for Alberta’s United Conservatives, took no issue with the premier’s statement.

                            “Insensitive or not, it’s a reality,” he said.

                            While his community “lost a lot of friends” in the crash and he does not want to see more people killed, he supports Alberta nonviolently advancing its economic interests in the region.

                            “I don’t want to see us expand our oil and gas sector at the cost of innocent lives,” Parseyan said. “However, if sanctions limit the ability of Iran to export their oil, and we could have those potential customers purchasing Alberta oil, sign me up.”


                            • Jason Kenney cuts tissues and water for victims, cops, and witnesses in Alberta's courts:
                              “Son, one day this will be an iconic structure shaping Edmonton’s skyline.”


                              • Wow! Why did nobody do this long ago???

                                That will save billions of dollars and put so many Albertans back to work! Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!

                                Advocating a better Edmonton through effective, efficient and economical transit.