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    ^the Federal tax is also at a lower rate, 20$ per tonne instead of $30, so Albertans are already ahead. Given the Feds are the ones who can supposedly impose or change the rate's at will, it never made much sense to have a provincial plan that would always have to be aligning with that. And as you note, the Federal carbon tax is more revenue neutral with its rebates.

    I always wondered what the Federal government would have done if Alberta had say, reduced the rate to $10 dollars per tonne. I guess we would have had two systems imposed then, the Federal for $10 and the provincial for $10, what a mess that would have been.
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      Jason Kenny then "We will cancel the oil by rail deal"

      UCP now - "Well, maybe not..."

      New UCP government 'looking at all options' on crude-by-rail contracts it pledged to cancel
      'There are some complicated decisions that will have to be made,' Energy Minister Sonya Savage says

      During the election campaign, the UCP had pledged to reverse the arrangement.

      In an interview Thursday, Savage said she's still examining the details of the agreements and has yet to decide on a course of action.

      "I've been going through every detail of every contract and every decision made in that regard to try to understand what the options are, moving forward," she said.

      "They're obviously pretty in-depth and there's a lot of detail and there are some complicated decisions that will have to be made, and we'll have to take our time to get it right."

      Asked if the government would still cancel the arrangement if it meant paying for unused capacity, Savage wouldn't say one way or another.

      "We're looking at all options," she said.


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        Should the rail subject be in the carbon tax thread?

        As for understanding the risks, isn’t that what the NDP should have done on the power purchase contracts?


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          Even Justin Trudeau’s Canada Won’t Rid Itself of Coal - Bloomberg