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2019 Provincial Election - Minimum Wage / Living Wage Discussion

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  • 2019 Provincial Election - Minimum Wage / Living Wage Discussion

    With the 2019 election call, it is time to stop with the conversations pre election, and get down to debating actual platforms announced. This thread will deal with Wages.

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    Not really directly on point with the thread title, but Kenney seems to have opened a can of worms with his proposal to cut banked OT pay:

    Labour experts dispute the claim by UCP Leader Jason Kenney that his party’s promise to stop workers being paid time-and-a-half for their banked overtime doesn’t amount to a cut in overtime pay.

    Further, Kenney’s repeated insistence Monday that the change would simply align Alberta with overtime laws in “in every other province” is not true.

    In every province and territory where workers can bank overtime, employers are required to pay out those hours at 1.5 times the hourly wage. In B.C., it goes up to 2.0 for anything exceeding 12 hours of overtime.

    “This does not affect overtime pay. I repeat — it does not affect or diminish overtime pay,” Kenney said Monday when asked about the line in the UCP platform which he unveiled over the weekend in Calgary.

    Kenney argued that his promise to cut overtime payouts for banked hours would simply bring back rules that were in place for decades, but University of Saskatchewan political scientist Charles Smith told Postmedia that’s the crux of the issue.

    Until recently, he said, Alberta had the worst employment standards and union rules in the country.

    He said the UCP overtime policy would see Alberta move back towards “an old model that never worked that well for workers to begin with,” because it would give employers “a way to defer wage costs.”
    “Son, one day this will be an iconic structure shaping Edmonton’s skyline.”


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      Kenney in a nutshell.

      bring back rules that were in place for decades


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        Election over. Thread closed.