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    Giving less of a damn than ever… Can't laugh at the ignorant if you ignore them!


    • The Western Standard is hardly a credible source but even they are likely capable of correctly enumerating the bizarre cast of characters who emerged from political purgatory to present themselves to the Wexit rally in Calgary this past Saturday. Among them were failed MP Rob Anders and UCP devotee Craig Chandler.

      Rob Anders' main achievement during his parliamentary tenure was to get fired from the Veterans Affairs Committee for falling asleep during a meeting. However, he's probably best remembered for his peculiar ongoing resentment of Nelson Mandela leading up to the notoriety obtained by being the only MP to vote against recognition of Mandela as an honorary Canadian citizen in 2001. Demonstrating his ongoing mastery of global financial markets he evidently describes the economic case for Wexit as "rock solid".

      Prior to Wexit, Chandler has not been heard much in conservative circles since 2015 when he decided the best way he could help the provincial Tories was by not running. Whereas Anders was confined to the audience, Craig Chandler actually spoke at the event. The speech was described as "tepid" so it seems he did not reprise his oratory from 2007 when he rather infamously threatened newcomers to Alberta: "This is our home and if you wish to live here, you must adapt to our rules and our voting patterns or leave. Conservatism is our culture. Do not destroy what we have created."



      • ^ the alberta referendum numbers don't surprise me.

        But the canada numbers show QC is a bit out to lunch.


        • 37% of Alberta Conservatives are in favour. No wonder Kenney is trying to embrace Wexit with one hand and hold them at arms length with the other. If the Wesiteers plan for a Bloc RedNeckois Party comes to fruition, the UCP and CPC could be in serious trouble. It could lead to a simultaneous return to the days of Wild Rose and Reform, splitting the conservative vote.


          • Wexit cost Calgary 1,000-person company, says economic development boss

            The rise of the western Canadian separation movement or "Wexit" cost Calgary an opportunity to attract a major technology head office, said CEO Mary Moran of Calgary Economic Development during a speech at the event.

            "We as an organization just lost a 1,000-person company that didn't come to Calgary, selected another city, because they're concerned about Wexit," she said. "So we need to tell a unified story about Calgary."

            The city was high on the unnamed firm's shortlist of potential hosts until alarms were raised over Wexit, she said in an interview after the speech.

            The company was also unhappy about the removal of some tech-friendly tax incentives in the United Conservative government's recent provincial budget, she said.

            The Canadian digital company can't be identified because it has not yet announced the community that made the winning bid to host its new headquarters, said Moran.

            Wexit is a bad idea.... just like Brexit!