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    Hi All,

    I've been using Photoshop and Illustrator for a few years but it's all been self-taught. I figure it's time to get some formal education to round out my knowledge. Can you recommend a course?
    I'm looking for a 1 to 3 day course that is good for someone who is already familiar with the program. Or perhaps a short 1 day course to cover the basics and a longer one to really get in to the fancy stuff.

    Thank you in advance.

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      Great Training

      The University of Alberta's Technology Training Centre has courses with amazing instructors.


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        guru has a great rep for digital art


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          For Illustrator and Photoshop, I've found good tutorials the best way for me to learn, like the ones at Mac Pro Video, or at

          The advantage of MacProVideo is you can buy the tutorial (rather than pay monthly), and learn from it as you need, and when you have the time, even if it's a year later.

          I'm never going to have the time to learn either program in depth, which is generally fine because I don't need to know it all. With tutorials I can get more specific when I need to without having to go over stuff I already know, or don't need to know..

          The tutorials at Lynda are also very good, especially if you get the add-on packages. It's by subscription only (I believe), but you'll have access to tons of tutorials.

          And I suspect either option is substantially less expensive than even group training.
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