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Modellers! Let's build a tiny community of people who build tiny representations!

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  • Modellers! Let's build a tiny community of people who build tiny representations!

    I know there's a few model building hobbyists on the forums & I thought a thread might be a good place to swap tips, tricks, deals, local events & the like.

    I'm primarily a gunpla builder (aka snap-fit, multicolour models of giant mecha/robots), but have some more traditional models under my belt & in my giant backlog. I get most of my stuff imported from Japan but wouldn't be adverse to getting it locally, provided it's not a huge markup.

    So, in the parlance of our times, show me what you got! I'll add some pics later when I get home.
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    Checking in. Gunpla here as well. Bunch of master grades (MG) completed. Had couple Perfect grades (PG) ready to go but I suddenly had work and school so completely stopped building around 6 years ago. Now I have a nice stock of dried up paints.

    Though talk of this has brought out the nostalgia so I might build one of those PGs this summer. Might leave out some steps though.
    I used to wash the runners, cut out the pieces, shave the nub, use of putty or glue to remove seams, sandpaper and polish, arrange pieces for air brushing, air brush, clear coat, assemble, shadow, light clear coat and display.

    Probably just shave and paint and clear coat this time through =(

    I'll add some pics when I have a chance as well


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      I vacillate between straight builds & insane megaprojects that take hundreds of hours to complete. Right now I've got a Real Grade Skygrasper underway at work & I think I'm gonna start the RG Gold Frame Amatsu Mina when that's done. RGs are fantastic for straight builds & have really been where Bandai has flexed it's engineering muscles over the last few years & would have come out around when you were getting outta the hobby.

      At home I've got a MG Sinanju Stein under heavy modification, with the additional wrinkle of me trying to do everything except paint on it, to try and test my building technique before I get started on the first of my 3 Perfect Grades sitting in the closet, but two of those have a lengthy list of plans & the other is a fully mekki-plated kit, so I'll need to be on top of my nipper & knife game for that.

      (Thanks for reminding me I gotta check to make sure the paints I have & have planned to use aren't dried into little expensive pucks at the bottom of their bottles)

      Oh, and every Edmontonian gunpla'er needs to build at least one Gundam Barbatos, the protagonist of the most recent AU & the victor in the Battle of Edmonton. I think it's the law. The kits from the show are some of the best HGs & NGs Bandai has ever made.
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        I bet, I was in Japan last year and saw some amazing looking HGs, NGs, RGs, seems to have evolved quite a bit. MGs seem to have evolved to a point where they're mini PGs of past now. Speaking of the Shinanju, my last kit I bought (and unopened) was the Shinanju ver Ka. Was going to customize that one. My PGs are the Strike along with the Skygrasper and a Wing custom (which I hear isn't a great build)

        I've yet to watch Iron Blooded Orphans so I'll have a better idea you're talking about down the road.


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          IBO just finished airing in Japan & the pretty decent dubs are underway. I really enjoyed the series, even before Edmonton reared its head.

          The Sinanju Ver Ka is a great kit, though with the ver Ka you need to keep an eye out for the waist peg, as it's a known weak spot that was fixed in the later Stein & OVA releases (though they switched to a 100% PS build, the ver Ka has an ABS frame).

          I've always been tempted for a PG Strike, as it's one of the best PGs Bandai has ever put out. I've got the RX-0 trio as I'm a bit of a nut for Unicorn in general. PG Unicorn (with P-Bandai expansion), PG Banshee Norn (with P-Bandai expansion) & PG Phenex (which is entirely P-Bandai). I've got resin replacement parts for most of the Unicorn & Banshee's armor, but the Phenex will be a straight build with decals, since it's all mekki plated. Opening up that box made me feel like I was opening the case from Pulp Fiction.

          There's certainly some MGs that reach early-PG levels of complexity, like the Sazabi ver Ka, Full Armor Gundam ver Ka, or Psycho Zaku ver Ka. The old PG Wing Custom is a bit of an odd duck with its rubber parts & screw-heavy construction. There's a Hi-Res Model coming of it in the future (Hi-Res are detailed armor over a preassembled plastic & metal frame) & given that this is an anniversary year I'd expect more Wing stuff to show up.

          If you wanna check out Bandai's engineering flexing its muscle & see how crazy they've gotten with details I'd totally recommend snagging a Real Grade from Amazon (half the price of comex). The RG line's common gimmick is an inner frame that's got all the joints & such moulded in at the factory (like the PG Strike's hands) so you just need to cut it out & cover it with armor. The Astray RGs even have their frame in 2 colours on one runner, a pretty swanky piece of injection moulding savvy.
          Giving less of a damn than ever… Can't laugh at the ignorant if you ignore them!


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              In grade school I was huge in to model airliners. Would spend hours on them. I was too young to be any good at them. Wanted to be an aircraft designer.
              And I often will get lost in pictures, magazines and articles on large, very intricate railroad model layouts. Like any engineer though, it's the designing and building that are the most attractive, so a model railroad set up would probably get boring quick once built.

              I stopped by Hobby Wholesale a month ago with my daughter to take her to the Thomas and friends section. We ended up spending an hour in the store, browsing around.


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                I think this thread needs some photos. I don't really understand half of what you guys are talking about, but I'd like to see photos of it.
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                  I'll have to do a photo-shoot of my models in the coming days :P

                  I was tempted to move into model kits of cars, but due to school/work I just fell out of the plastic model hobby entirely.