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Lack of volunteers forcing Edmonton community league to fold

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    Originally posted by Top_Dawg View Post
    Top_Dawg is talking about the Oliver Community News that comes out quarterly.

    Yeah, totally in agreement about The Yards.
    Ah, we're on the same page on both counts then.
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      Community Leagues seem to be falling by the wayside as in todays world we do not need to rely on our neighbors like before. Years ago people would get together in the neighborhood to discuss things like traffic issues, crime in their neighborhoods etc. All kinds of one on one interactions going on etc. Now with social media you get information two minutes after it's happened. No need to wait until the weekly community league meeting to hear about it. It's old news within two hours. With more and more recreational activities to choose from league halls are not being utilized like they used to. People are not as territorial as they used to be of their neighborhoods. Now most cities are just one humongous blob. No longer like small towns where just about everybody knows everybody else.
      Gone............................and very quickly forgotten may I add.


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        Yet there is a bright side.

        Gone are the days when you would stumble into your community league hall and get assaulted by the sight of two dozen neighborhood hippo-mamas, squeezed into spandex suits two sizes too smal, doing aerobics or jazzercise or something.

        That was just



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          Originally posted by Thomas Hinderks View Post
          Originally posted by GenWhy? View Post
          The prevailing issue is what is in it for those 20-40?
          In my opinion...
          That is part of the prevailing problem...a generation or two ago it was about serving the community for the benefit of all...seems now it's all about "whats in it for me"

          Times change I guess...


          I do serve my community and my league, but as for the services offered and benefits... I will still ask how they directly benefit me? I am in Malmo.

          Pros: rink, summer/winter carnival, annual "cook off", sense of input and "community", knowing neighbours and their views/sense of caring for neighbourhood, impact and voice on changes to community.

          Cons (what it doesn't do for me): I am in my late 20's and for all that is going on in my community league... nothing appeals to me. An executive member mentioned a craft beer night or food night similar to Ritchie's, but I have friends how already do that, or there are the events that I know about in other leagues or across town that i already enjoy - thanks to the internet and friend groups (and their Facebook's).

          My league at the moment is only really good for soccer, annual events, and development issues (West Corp, UofA Farms) - which are good! don't get me wrong - but as far as what DECL or Oliver does... we don't have the density. Our ccommunity was gutted when all the homeowners became seniors, and now, only because of West Corp and maybe the Mitchener Park residents, does out league remain relevant. we have more new families and "young" people like myself moving in, but as we move to build a new hall this year... we've really been asking... what does the future of "community leagues" look like?

          The "hall", as I know them, act more like places to rent and hold functions, and lack passive amenities. Would residents be able to swing by and pick up a book a neighbour has left in the "book-to-borrow" community library? Sit and have coffee on a street-side porch with friends? I mean, my buddies and I use a rink for some curling matches, but we're there a few times a season...

          I'm participating, but struggling to redevelop my community league's building and "community" concept for the future. I'm the exact demographic that will use this building and I am short for words. What can I do? As a body it is important (civics and development mambo jambo), but in providing me services and some community aspects? I think not. ps: no kids. Thoughts? Help? Ideas?
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            Originally posted by Paul Turnbull View Post
            Nothing has changed in terms of why people volunteer, what has changed is what services a community league can provide that residents want. Fifty years ago leagues got support because they provided services that people wanted/needed. Now they're in decline because what was necessary 50 years ago is now provided by other means.

            Why would people volunteer for organizations that don't provide meaningful service to the community?
            Precisely, and I am all for trying to make events/services available to my community through the league, but... I can easily - and with no effort and with great reward - get them elsewhere. Very close indeed. Mind you... I am a man with no kids in my late 20's. But I am a home-owning resident that loves community. Homes have 1 or 2 kids today, not 4 or 5 like my parent's day.
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              Also a con... but yet a pro.. I'm having interesting one-on-one discussions about infill, traffic, transportation, and lifestyle with people a lot older than me who outright disagree or slightly "kind of understand where I am coming from", and "at least you dress respectable", as one member put it. I'm young and care, but it appears I'm only there to "pass through" and move to Vancouver or something.
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                Originally posted by IanO View Post
                The EFCL is an excellent organization and we really need to get 20-40s to start to donate time and experience.

                One competing and complicating issue is HOAs.
                OK, I figured out EFCL, and, of course, guessed that anything ending in CL was a community league, but what are 1) HOA's, 2) CRC's, 3) NFP's?

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                  1) Home Owner's Association
                  Edmonton first, everything else second.