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    Originally posted by JJMorrocco View Post
    Still not sure I will ever be sold on the grass-cylcling. Sure the grass provides moisture back to the exiting lawn, and protects the soild from evaporation but grass takes so long to degrade (hence the composter can't use it) that you just end up picking it all up and bagging in the next spring when you rake. Sure the volume isn't there as the moisture is all gone but it also that much harder to compost when dried.
    The main problem with adding grass clippings to a compost is just the sheer volume. It would quickly overwhelm the rest of the material. Something to do with being high in nitrogen too?
    Most people say to let the grass clippings dry out a few days first before adding to compost.

    We always grass cycle except for first and last mows of the season. So much easier, way faster, and our lawn is always the greenest. Part of it is the extra moisture, part of it the free fertilizer.