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  • Animal Rescue Societies in Edmonton

    Sadly, we recently had to put our dog down, so we now are left with all the accessories that come with owning a dog.

    I've checked the Edmonton Humane Society's website, and it seems they much prefer monetary donations. I also came across the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society, which appear to be open to receiving donations of items.

    I don't know anything about SCARS, so I was wondering if anyone on C2E has any experience with them and can comment on if they would be deserving of donations. Barring this society, is there any other animal rescue society in Edmonton that could use our donations?

    Thanks very much in advance...
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    Sad to hear

    SCARS does an adoption almost every saturday at Sadie's Play & Stay on saturdays. Might be worth going there to drop off the stuff.

    Or you might find a new friend
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      Thanks 240GLT... It was a very sad day two days ago. I think we'll take a break on pets for a while... Maybe we'll drop by Sadie's on Saturday...


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        Sorry to hear about your dog. I know the feeling and I have not replaced my dog yet. One of a kind.
        If you have any unopened dog food you could maybe take it to the food bank. People who use the food bank may have pets themselves they would appreciate the food. Maybe call the food bank first though.
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          Thanks Gemini... We don't have any unopened cans, but we have a bin with about half a large bag of food, so hopefully SCARS can use it.


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            Sorry to hear about your dog, lat. Your local vet may know of somewhere that takes collars, leads, etc.
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              Sorry for your loss. is one I've been involved with in the past. Also HART.
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                Very sorry for your loss.

                I donated leftover food and some other stuff to the Edmonton Humane Society after our lovely old cat died about 3 years ago. They had at that time a shelf inside the main doors where you could leave in-kind donations. Haven't been there lately so not sure if they still do.

                Of course, then I went inside and looked at kittens and came out with one (and a week later a second one), but the stuff I donated wouldn't have been appropriate for kittens anyway. It was all senior and adult cat stuff that wouldn't have kept until they were ready for it.

                I have a couple of friends who volunteer with SCARS and they speak well of the organization. I don't know the other rescue societies (HART, NASAP, Duke & Duchess, etc.) but I'm sure any of them would take donations.