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  • Talented Gamers Needed!!

    Dog Soldier 3lites; Fight in the pack, Or die like a dog!

    The Dog Soldier's Are currently recruiting 5-6 talented and experienced gamers for our team building roster in the Edmonton area. we have run 3 sponsored competitive level teams in the past 10 years and are now seeking to expand.

    we play CS:GO and League of Legends.

    For CS:GO we require -experienced squad leaders -CQC specialists -Riflemen


    -experience in CAL, CEVO or MLG is an asset!

    League of Legends is a demanding Teamplay experience that requires intelligence, posture and tactical thinking. junglers, solo mid/top, support, ADC, APC all need apply here.

    We have processed 50+ applicant's already and have not yet found any players of sufficient skill or talent. if you think you have what it takes to run with the pack and step up your game then give us a shot.

    My Steam ID is, "joeymuffin"

    my email is "[email protected]"

    and my skype is "ds3scud"

    Dog Soldier 3lites; Shoot to kill, think to win!

    We are also recruiting ADMINISTRATORS for our locally run PUBLIC CS:GO server!!!, if you want to get involved with some local casual shooters then please contact me.