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Fantastic non-Canadian performances

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  • Fantastic non-Canadian performances

    I cheer for all our athletes. That said, the Olympics surely transcend jingoism. Here are a few things I've seen where I've just had to say WOW at the other guys. And not necessarily medal finals events; sometimes it's the preliminary performances that stick in mind.

    -- Billy Morgan in his semifinal run to take the lead in men's freestyle snowboarding -- too bad about the final oops.

    -- the 1-2-3-4 Dutch finish in the 1500 long-track women's speed-skating.

    -- Kasai, 41 years old, taking the silver in the men's long ski jump.

    -- Davis and White in the ice-dance short program. I understand nothing of the new scoring system, and who knows whether or not they would have deserved all sixes as Torvill and Dean got thirty years ago (whom I watched then). I'll say only that their short dance was profoundly moving somehow, and is my Olympic highlight so far.

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    Yuna Kim...

    Amazing skater!
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      Kristers Gudļevskis put on a Scrivens-like performance today.
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        Ha! Yes...
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          Then there was the British girl winning gold in Skeleton. Britain not really being a winter sports country.
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            To give an idea about the 50 km Cross Country race, if one were to start at the front of the cenotaph at City Hall, they'd have to ski (if the terrain was totally flat and in a straight line) to the intersection of 50th Street (Highway 2A) and 50th Avenue in Millet.