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    Originally posted by TerryH View Post
    Calgary is the only winter Olympic city not to be in or next to a mountain range. Yeah, Canmore may be an hour drive from there but it would depend on whether there's traffic or not. A shorter day trip than from Edmonton to Marmot Basin. Being at a games where all athletes can mingle after an event is nice. I wonder how much the skiers at Canmore and Nakiska had to just mingle among themselves until transportation was available for them to get back to Calgary.
    Whistler is about the same distance from Vancouver, as are the Caucasus mountain venues relative to Sochi.


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      The Krasnaya Polyana complex for skiing/ski jumping/bobsleigh/luge/skeleton is about 40 km northeast from the Sochi Olympic Park in Adler (about 22 km southeast of Sochi).

      They could've built closer to Vancouver but Whistler was an existing ski area and more than likely was used because it was cheaper to build additional features than a whole new complex. Naskiska and Canmore were built from scratch.

      Just thinking about this. Sochi had Krasnaya Polyana for all the events I listed. Calgary had Canada Olympic Park for ski jumping/bobsleigh/luge/skeleton, Canmore for cross-country/biathlon and Nakiska for alpine. Extremely spread out.
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        Justed wanted to share this rather interesting chart, clearly showing the skew of performance of various countries w.r.t. summer and winter olympics. Very few countries show a strong performance in both.


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          Edmonton Olympic Hurdles

          If we host the Summer Games, our second biggest problem would be hotel capacity. How we could get around it:

          - build 10,000 units of hotel rooms on Blatchford which convert into 3,000 units of condos to be sold off after the games?

          If we host the Winter Games, our second biggest problem would be connections to Jasper. How we could get around it:

          - Medium speed rail to Vancouver (and Calgary and Winnipeg)?

          Either are possible, but for long-term benefit to Edmonton, medium speed intercity rail would probably be more beneficial.
          Let's make Edmonton better.


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            No great surprise on this one ...
            Russian Insider Says State-Run Doping Fueled Olympic Gold
            Dozens of Russian athletes at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, including at least 15 medal winners, were part of a state-run doping program, meticulously planned for years to ensure dominance at the Games, according to the director of the country’s antidoping laboratory at the time.