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    Personally, I love city life. I love vibrancy and density. I've lived in Vancouver for a short period of time and I spent all of my time downtown (live, work and play.) There was always some place to go, some thing to do, and everyday seemed different and exciting. I fell in love with that urban life.

    Although Vancouver was an incredible experience, I came back to the city I love: Edmonton. The reason I chose this city was because of the big future plans our city has. The Expo was ambitious, although it didn't materialize. The downtown revitalization excites me. This council's homeless plan is almost visionary and is a positive aspect for me, as I want to raise kids in a city that is safe and has stable social programs. The transit plan is incredible. And the plans for the ECCA are exciting - I hope one day I can buy a home and raise a family in a modern and sustainable community like those planned. I also hope that our city can embrace it's arts and entertainment community by developing the core with this in mind. The arena district is this catalyst.

    The arena district is visionary, but it's not just an arena. The city's downtown urban plan includes the entertainment area. It will be intertwined with the growth of the core. Our council and administration made strides to make sure an arena is not out of place in the downtown. There has been a lot of thought and consultation to make this work for the entire city. That vision is important. That vision excites me as a citizen who wants to build a home, a business, and family here.

    Without such a district, I question Edmonton's ability to think big. I question whether or not private enterprise will even consider our city. I question whether or not the Quarters and downtown redevelopment, the ECCA lands, the homeless plan, and transit plan will face the same demise. I also question whether or not this is a city I want to be part of.

    I love this city and I love it's potential. Edmonton has always been quiet but proud. We have a lot of talent and savvy and smarts here. This arena district combines our strengths. The design process is something I can't wait to take part in. With the amount of business support around this, our community is ready to take these big steps. We don't need an Expo, but we do need a vision.

    I support this council and I support it's vision. I also trust that the process will be done right. Let's go ahead with this district!!!
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      I am closing this as the vote is in. We can discuss/debate the results in the other threads.