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  • On a positive note what an absolute stud Ethan Bear is becoming. In his rookie season he's showing consistent one on one shake moves that exhibit incredible confidence and ability at this level. He's simply walking defenders almost every game now and sometimes multiple times in a game. His shake and bake is incredible. 3 times at least in the AV's game he completely evaded opposition forecheck behind his goal line all on his own by faking out Av's. The guy is greasy good, has very good offensive sense. makes nice transition plays.

    But in this latest game he was overwhelmed but trying resolutely. There weren't enough soldiers. I imagine Tippet had the D's back in this one. The forwards could have played better, sure, but its one of those nights when you're playing against the opposition and officials and you know it. There was bench face shots of McDrai that told some pictures too. During call after call going against the Oilers the look was about it being one of these nights again. Their look captured this being another Kozari mickey mouse refereeing game.

    I have this feeling that the Oilers will face the AV's in a conference final. Wouldn't that be magical. I like our chances with anybody other than Kozari.
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    • Good points Replacement. And your analysis of the Av's game is bang on.

      However, I have heard excuses time and time again over the years "back to back games", "Oilers don't do well on afternoon games", etc.

      I'm looking for a consistent work ethic because teams that make the playoffs have it.


      • Originally posted by Marcel Petrin View Post
        He's been working through an injury that might have something to do with his limited performance, and it's why he was out of the lineup last night. I thought he looked fine during the first 10 or so games when nothing was going in for him, as he had about 20 posts. The last 10 games he's getting results, but hasn't looked great I thought. Not sure when he got hurt. A big part of it is that he has no one to play with that can produce or even keep up with the pace on the second line. Chiasson and Neal are both slow, and Khaira's not much better. They really don't have any wingers that can do much of anything 5x5.
        Tippett has now admitted that Nuge has been playing hurt "for a few weeks" before the team decided to shut him down for a "little procedure":
        “Son, one day this will be an iconic structure shaping Edmonton’s skyline.”


        • Not really a shock.
          " Goaltending has become an issue in Edmonton"

          I think it's going to be a nail biting finish to grab the last wildcard spot in the west.


          • If this nosedive continues it’s not something we will need to worry about.
            Just enjoying another day in paradise.


            • Its not time to hit the panic button but its looming. I'm predicting 10th in the West by the All Star break. Other teams are better then us and can put 3 wins together. The old Oilers are back
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              • just a quick assortment from the last week or so:

                “starts are something we need to address and fix a little bit but we don’t feel it sliding”
                “we battled back, which shows a lot of confidence from our group that we can do it”
                “to come back from 3-0 against a good team like that is a good sign”
                “we just shot ourselves in the foot a little bit”
                “i don’t think we should change anything, we just need to get a win”
                “we grinded our way back from 3-0 hole and that shows some character”
                “it didn’t turn out the way we wanted, but it’s not just negative in here. we’re doing a lot of good stuff out there still”
                “obviously, the results haven’t been there lately but i wouldn’t say we’re worried”
                “it’s just little breakdowns that we have to correct and we’ll be ok”
                “last couple of games we’ve graded our chances around the net well but we have to find ways to score”
                “we’re getting lots of pucks at the net”

                this is the too satisfied with anything but a win that still needs to be exorcised from this team.
                "If you did not want much, there was plenty." Harper Lee


                • ^

                  5 - 1 flames with a short handed goal halfway through an oilers’ power play to start the 3rd period.

                  on their way to being 4 - 10 -1 in their last 15.

                  long past time for that exorcist...
                  "If you did not want much, there was plenty." Harper Lee


                  • That early goal by the Flames was a killer.
                    "Talk minus action equals zero." - Joe Keithley, D. O. A.


                    • Originally posted by The_Cat View Post
                      That early goal by the Flames was a killer.
                      giving up the first goal and then all too often the second goal as well is part of the being happy with less than a win syndrome.

                      even in that fairy tale opening season stretch, they came from behind five consecutive times to win.

                      without that 5 game stretch they would be 15 - 22 - 4 and last in the pacific division.

                      granted you have to be good/talented to be lucky like that but this team still seems to be too satisfied with just being that even if they’re not winning.

                      it wasn’t just the game’s early goal that did them in, it was allowing an early goal in every period of the game that did them in. their mistakes aren’t coming from under their skates, they’re coming from under their helmets.
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                      "If you did not want much, there was plenty." Harper Lee


                      • went to our first game of the season last night - last year? - so random thoughts:
                        • when it takes as long as it does to line up for and get to your seats with cold hot dogs, why don’t they open the doors before 6:00?
                        • why don’t they heat up the hot dogs before then? two dogs, one fries, one nacho chips (no salsa, no jalapeños, just warm cheese whiz) $32! ouch.
                        • canned volume seems to be less frequent/constant and is down to not quite painful levels.
                        • kudos to the live mariachi band and the organist (they both deserve more air time).
                        • why does it take an entire intermission to line up and get two drinks from the bar? not enough bartenders when they have to take your order, mix your drinks, tally your bill and take your payment. 2 g & t $18. not bad.
                        • congrats to neal on the hat trick.
                        • kudos to the special teams and brickbats to the 5 on 5 play. a symptom of where talent suffices and where it doesn’t?
                        • great to see a home team goal at 11 seconds in and good atmosphere as the finished the first period up by four and stretched to six.
                        • not so great to see them give up the next five and the atmosphere go from celebratory to “can this team really find a way to lose after building up a six goal lead at home”? more of that “too easily satisfied”?
                        • good to see yamamoto rewarded with an empty net goal to clinch the winner after earning the right to be on the ice in the last minute with a one goal lead.
                        • disappointed that the $250k plus winning 50/50 ticket was sold to someone else.
                        • there still isn’t enough legroom even in level 100 seats but there’s no way to fix that now but it was funny to see the scoreboard notice not to lean forward. If the lady in front of me didn’t lean forward she could have used my knees as a pillow.
                        all in all a more enjoyable experience than the last game we were at although still lots of incremental improvements that could be made.
                        "If you did not want much, there was plenty." Harper Lee


                        • Originally posted by kcantor
                          why does it take an entire intermission to line up and get two drinks from the bar? not enough bartenders when they have to take your order, mix your drinks, tally your bill and take your payment. 2 g & t $18. not bad.
                          Every season seat survey or customer service phone call I get I have told them that they need to terminate their entire liquor service staff and start again, from the top and bottom. Hire servers/tenders who can actually move a large amount of drinks. If you have to pay more to find them, so be it. An extra $5-10/hr in wages should easily be offset by higher liquor sales.

                          And they need to improve the lines/mazes for the bars. The large bar on the upper concourse that overlooks Ford Hall is a complete disaster every single game, with no system for lines, and a whole whack of jerks who cut in. How hard is it to install a maze system. And they could easily have double the staff at the bar. Why are the same people handling transactions while also getting drinks? It's so inefficient.

                          I don't have the slightest idea of how the management of food and beverage is run by the Oilers, like if it's entirely sub-contracted out and there's little they can do until the contract is up for renegotiation. But in my opinion, the food/bev quality and service is miraculously worse than it was at Rexall. But maybe that's just nostalgia.


                          • Half a season gone and the OIlers are sitting in the last wildcard spot in the west. Trending down. Going to finish 5th or 6th in the Pacific at this rate.


                            • Originally posted by nobleea View Post
                              Half a season gone and the OIlers are sitting in the last wildcard spot in the west. Trending down. Going to finish 5th or 6th in the Pacific at this rate.
                              From what I've seen (and I am far from being any sort of hockey expert in the slightest so correct me if I am wrong), McDavid and Drai have been pretty sloppy and it's the same story as always regarding Oiler's defense. That Ranger's game was what I consider the quintessential Oiler's experience: built up hope with a huge lead, only to blow it entirely in the third period. Thankfully they still won, but how you lose a 5 or 6 point lead I just don't understand.

                              It's too bad too considering the rest of the team has been playing pretty well. Lots of points from RNH, Neal, Sheahan, Archie, etc past few games with some solid energy. Mike Smith played pretty well last night too. Seems like as soon as the bottom 6 got their act together, the top two have just lost their momentum entirely.

                              Not sure what's happening because I really believe this team has high quality talent all around, but most of their battles seem to be under their helmets rather than their skates. They lack consistency. Here's hoping they can get it together and climb back up! No matter how many times the Oiler's flop, I still believe in them.


                              • Oilers 6, Leafs 4. TopDawg? Comments? Hello? Bueller? Bueller?.....
                                He who posteth too much, should moveth out of his parents basement and get a life.