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2019 Edmonton Marathon

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  • 2019 Edmonton Marathon


    I did not see anything about this here.

    Another good event to get people in our city excited. Granted, I did not run, but only walked around to see what this is about. Stopped and watched a few of the runners both starting their race, and coming to the end of the full marathon.

    Congratulations to them all. It was great to see some move so fast, but it was also nice to see people, families and friends just out there to run and not care about their time - simply completing a goal was their motivation.

    Also seeing Jasper ave and 102 ave shut down to all traffic was neat. Police at the major intersections, with runners having the absolute right of way. Apart from the runners, seeing folks out cheering people along with smiles, noise, music and funny placards.

    Next year I'll definitely go along and watch again.

    Congrats to athletes and volunteers alike