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Edmonton to continue FIFA 2026 bid process

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    We're talking eight years out. I'd sure hope air connections are considerably better by then!
    ... gobsmacked


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      Exciting news for the Edmonton soccer community... 17 year old Edmontonian Alphonso Davies transferred from Vancouver Whitecaps to Bayern Munich for an amount expected over $20 million. The biggest transfer in MLS history.

      Not only does he represent a huge potential for Canada's national team, but he's been vocal in representing Edmonton and it's bid as a host city for the World Cup. His family had quite the journey to get here as well:

      He described being born in a refugee camp in Ghana after his parents fled the Liberian civil war. The family later immigrated to Canada and eventually settled in Edmonton.
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        ^The only thing that sucks is that Whitecaps are getting this transfer fee. The Fath Brothers and FC academy here probably deserve it more for what they did. I get that he's whitecaps property but would be nice to see some of this kind of money to go back to player development. I think even Alphonso would want that.

        Couldn't happen to a nicer kid but DFB is kind of in disarray at the moment. Not all happy over there. Most of the Football news in Germany these days is disturbing.
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          FC Edmonton won't get any money because they had no part in Davies training, I believe he only attended a couple training sessions for conditioning only. Edmonton Strikers and hopefully Free Footie will get money. Steve Sandor explains how it all works here:


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            That is good money for a development league team to be getting.


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              I wonder if this will have any impact on our bid... and certainly hope not.


              'No path forward' for X Games in Calgary

              The X Games are no longer coming to Calgary, Mayor Naheed Nenshi said Thursday.

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                I think you can pretty much count on it.


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                  If we can't afford critical public infrastructure like health labs, why can we afford this?
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