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Handy tips for getting the most of out YOUR River Valley!

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  • Handy tips for getting the most of out YOUR River Valley!

    Hey Guys and Girls ,

    I thought it would be nice to post a couple of things from the City of Edmonton website. The two brochures are often handed out or availible for park users. I know way back when I was working out of the River Valley Rangers office and we were doing "Trail Sense" set-ups, we were handing these out to Valley users. Also, please visit the City's Parks & River Valley website for lots of good information. Here are the quick links:

    Firstly, the "Choose to use Trail Sense" pamphlet. It basically outlines, proper ways to use the trail system, what to expect and a guidelines on what you can and cannot do. See it here:

    Secondly, this is a map outlining the trail system through-out the River Valley and connected Ravine Systems. Check it out here:

    Last, a handy way to find out about trail conditions and closures.
    Right Here:

    Hope this is handy, and paper copies should be availible from the City of Edmonton for the first two.

    Also, in case anyone is wondering the River Valley Rangers are based out of Victoria Park and do a very good job of patrolling and supervising the River Valley!

    I am going to sticky this, please let me or another mod/admin know if any of the links go dead or the directed page has been moved, thanks!