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Injured Coyote in Fulton Neighbourhood

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  • Injured Coyote in Fulton Neighbourhood

    I encountered a coyote wandering through Fulton neighbourhood this morning at about 10:30AM. It was bleeding from the left front leg and obviously in distress. I saw it last in the park bordering Fulton Ravine. A coyote actively moving in a residential neighbourhood at this time of the day is unusual. The fact that it's injured gives me cause for concern.

    Called 311 and reported it; I was given the number to report injured wildlife in Edmonton: 780-914-4188. I called and left a message. They responded to my call in about 5 minutes and gave me the Report a Poacher number: 1-800-642-3800. I called the number and reported it.

    Report a Poacher wasn't too worried. The person on the line lectured me on how there are many coyotes in the city and they can't repond to every injured animal. I told her I was more concerned about children playing in the park encountering a wounded animal in distress than I was about the coyote itself.

    I sure hope that I'm over reacting...
    ...From this ragged handful of tents and cabins one day will rise a city...