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Changes to Army Reserve Recruiting

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  • Changes to Army Reserve Recruiting

    In response to the 2016 Auditor Generals Report on Recruiting in the Canadian Army Reserve, there are some large changes occurring internally. The Canadian Army is assuming more responsibility from the Canadian Forces Recruiting Group in order to streamline the process and has started the Primary Reserve Expedited Enrollment Trial in Nova Scotia and PEI (36 Canadian Brigade Group). The intent will be for suitable candidates to be conditionally enrolled in as few as 2 weeks after their initial visit.

    If the trial is successful and the Canadian Army Headquarters are satisfied with the results, the expedited enrolments will be implemented across Western Canada, hopefully in April. 41 Canadian Brigade Group (the Army Brigade in Alberta) is planning to recruit and train 300 new soldiers across the province. Plans are in the works to locally run three full-time Basic Military Qualification courses this summer in order to get the new soldiers trained as quickly as possible. There will also be several part-time Basic Military Qualification courses running in Fall or Winter.

    If anyone's been looking to join the reserves, 2017 looks to be an exciting year.

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    Thanks for the update ... had not heard of the changes in recruiting process.


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      I also want to add one thing in case anyone had the wrong idea. The enrolment standard is not changing. They haven't lowered any requirements, just trying to speed up the application/recruiting process.

      In order to achieve the increased numbers, the Army Reserves are looking at ways to get out into the public, interact with fellow Edmontonians, and show off what we do. If anyone is involved in, or has ideas about, any public events that would be receptive to having a military presence, please let me know either here or through a private message.


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        Its official. As of April 1st, the Canadian Army has taken over responsibility for Army Reserve Recruiting. News release here: