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Rossdale Brewery 9843 - 100 Street

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  • Rossdale Brewery 9843 - 100 Street

    Anyone know what or who owns/occupies this building? With recent chatter about the Rossdale area (gondola, power plant, etc) I would like to see this building repurposed. Ideally, as a brewery. Again. Some unique history and some importance for Alberta.

    This would make a great brewery addition for this area and capitalize on its history. If I had the $$ I'd do it and even retain the name. Not sure of its actual size and it's out on it own at the moment but noodle and I are expecting sub$23 drinks.
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    It's Gene Dub's building I think. At least it was a decade-ish ago.

    So, don't hold your breath that anything will happen any time soon.
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      Dub had plans to make it an Inn which would have been sweet but like Noodle said, don't hold your breath. He works at glacial speed.
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