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2001 - 18 years ago this week

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  • 2001 - 18 years ago this week

    Just a post to remember those 3,000 men, women, children of ALL faiths that died in the attacks on sept 11 2001.

    I remember watching the TV getting ready to go to work, just before 7 ( MST) and thinking that this was an accident and that the fire in the tower would eventually be put out by the fire fighters.

    Then a few mins later in my car hearing another plane hit the other tower. This was before apps and smart phones so info was sketchy, and the internet was really slow as there was so much internet traffic that day. I know I had a pretty awful feeling in my stomach that day.

    At work on the south side I looked towards our DT, just to make sure our DT was ok, and just thinking of what was happening in NY. It made an impression. Each generation has their "where were you when xxx happened". I hope that future generations do not have such moments, at least in this sense.

    All those planes coming into land in Gander, it must have been something to see. Those people from the planes spent days here, in schools, gyms, and in people homes.

    All too often it's easy to get wound up in arguments, circular arguments and putting people into boxes, but seeing what happened that day puts things into perspective.

    Sometimes the worst can bring out the best in people.