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Historic Trails of Alberta

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  • Historic Trails of Alberta

    Starting a thread on historic trails in Alberta

    Interesting site here:

    Check out the "Timeline"

    Ancient Aboriginal trail recognized for historical significance | Windspeaker - AMMSA
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    This is a fascinating book I just read this winter;

    This book features historic trail routes and the book is interesting in that its a play by play account of modern day bushwhackers blazing those trails in present day and some of which are not preserved at all in a lot of their sections.

    Of course most of these trails detailed in the book have Aboriginal recognition and use. Some of them originated as animal trails. A bushwhacking exploring hilite of the exploration times was trying to determine which way the Aboriginal trail (human trail) went and which way the animal trails went. An important degree of distinguishing that would otherwise have ardent explorers trekking Mountain Goat trails instead of more human friendly trails. With the proviso that the Mountain pass trails were all anything but easy.

    Of course most "trails" and passes are a combination of portage, canoe, portage, stash, etc.

    I also have an edition of the famous Cheadle expedition across Canada. Some books detailing David Thompsons passage,
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