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  • McDermid Studios images (large)

    Most if not all of these images are likely readily available at the City of Edmonton Archives and Glenbow Museum sites, though probably at a lower resolution online.

    Part 1 of 3.

    ^ Armistice Parade during the flu epidemic, November 11, 1918. The people are wearing masks. The banners in the parade say "BEHIND THE GUN THE MAN" and "BEHIND THE MAN THE DOLLAR," respectively, a reference to war bonds and an effort to "Make your dollars fight the Hun." The view is of the north side of Jasper Avenue between 100 and 101 streets. Mike's News Stand is visible just left of the first trolley line post.

    ^ Back of the 1st Presbyterian Church at 103 Street and Jasper Avenue around 1912. Notice construction work on the west portion of the Hudson's Bay property, the south extension of the Tegler and the framing of the McLeod.

    ^ Chautauqua tent at 102 Street and Jasper Avenue.

    ^ City Market looking southwest with the Macdonald Hotel, old Post Office and McLeod Building in the background.

    ^ City Market Square circa 1912.

    ^ Corner of 104 Street and Jasper Avenue looking northeast. The Hotel Cecil looks like a respectable joint.

    ^ Dreamland Theatre in 1912. Possibly located at 9697 Jasper Avenue, which would be the south side of Jasper Avenue east of the Shaw Convention Centre.

    ^ City of Edmonton Street Cleaning Department water truck.

    ^ Street sprinkler on rails, 1912.

    ^ CNR Station near 101 Street and 104 Avenue around 1945. This appears to be from the top of the Marshall-Wells Building. The St. Regis Hotel is prominent on the right. Note that 101 Street tunnels under the tracks.

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    Those photos are wonderful. McDermid Studios was located where the Edmonton Journal is now.
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      The Quebec Bank ... never heard of this one!
      Photo web site:


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        ^ was bought by RBC in 1917.


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          Part 2

          ^ The "City of Edmonton" riverboat at dock.

          ^ And heading upstream ...

          ^ ... past the Macdonald Hotel.

          ^ East side of 101 Street south of 102 Avenue. The Tegler is under construction. The vertical Edmonton Journal sign sticks out visibly next door to the south.

          ^ East side of 101 Street just north of Jasper Avenue. The Empire Block sits on the site of the present-day Empire Building.

          ^ Fire Hall No. 3 in 1914.

          ^ Edmonton Hotel in 1912. The building burned down in 1928.

          ^ Freight lift at 101 Street on McDougall Hill where the Chateau Lacombe parkade sits today.

          ^ Fleet of taxis at the Macdonald Hotel.

          ^ Looking southeast from 100 Street and Jasper Avenue.

          ^ Jasper Avenue looking west from 99 Street.

          ^ Jasper Avenue looking east from 101 Street.


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            Part 3.

            ^ Mule races at the Edmonton Exhibition grounds in 1911.

            ^ Exhibition grounds around 1914.

            High Level Bridge construction circa 1912.

            ^ North entrance of the High Level Bridge shortly after completion.

            ^ Looking east on 102A Avenue between 103 Street and 104 Street circa 1912. Obviously 102A Avenue no longer exists at that location.

            ^ Looking south on 101 Street from 101a Avenue around 1913.

            ^ Lord Strathcona and Father Lacombe, Edmonton 1909.

            ^ A public promotion to sell stock, in the early days.

            ^ Walter's Sawmill, near the present-day Kinsmen Sports Centre, during the flood of 1915.

            ^ The Low Level Bridge during the 1915 flood, loaded with a train in an effort to stop it from being swept away. Apparently it worked.

            ^ Whyte Avenue looking west from 103 Street, not having changed a great deal over the decades.

            ^ Old Fort Edmonton.

            ^ South side of Jasper Avenue between 100 Street and 101 Street about 1912. The Union Bank exists as the Union Bank Inn today.

            ^ The Selkirk Hotel at Jasper Avenue and 101 Street. This structure, including Johnson's Cafe, lives on at Fort Edmonton Park.


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              The neon sign on the Selkirk Oh My Oh MY !!!
              Nakamun ashphalt from the lake or part of the original Oil Sands ??
              Still waiting for the Arlington site to be reborn .......


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                I have a copy of the first picture in my office... one thing I hadn't noticed before is the car in the middle of the right hand side. Is that a pointed white hat in the passenger seat?


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                  Originally posted by gbishop View Post
                  I have a copy of the first picture in my office... one thing I hadn't noticed before is the car in the middle of the right hand side. Is that a pointed white hat in the passenger seat?
                  I'm going to say no. Upon closer inspection it appears that it is in all likelihood a flag. Despite the epidemic, this was a day of celebration. I'm pretty certain it was Germany, rather than Catholics and visible minorities, ranking high on the local villainy charts.


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                    Originally posted by Spill View Post

                    ^ Looking southeast from 100 Street and Jasper Avenue.
                    Take a look at that building on the south side of Jasper directly east of the Hotel Mac. Go to that same spot today (it's a parking lot) and you can see where the pavement has settled around the old foundation that still exists below the asphalt. Kinda neat.
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                      12,000 photos!

                      McDermid Studios Limited, Edmonton, Alberta, 1928.

                      McDermid Studio Photographs

                      The McDermid Studio's photographs, which date primarily from 1912 to 1937, are rich in views of Edmonton, Alberta, including buildings, street scenes and businesses; the unemployed, demonstrations and political figures during the Depression; social and cultural activities; Second World War parades, events, and military groups; post-Second World War building construction; and the oil boom in the Edmonton area. A brief history of the studio is in the Archives Main Catalogue.

                      How to view the photographs

                      About 12,000 of the 17,000 photographs in this fonds have been digitized. You may search the McDermid photographs by subjects, places, people, or dates by using the Archives Photographs search screen. Always enter McDermid Studio in the 'Photographe/Illustrator'' box to limit your findings to this studio, then refine your search by entering search terms in the other boxes on the screen. Several examples are given below:s are given below:


                      Here’s the search engine link.


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