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    Some of these slides might have been scanned the wrong way. I tried to correct most of them, but if your look at one of them, and it seems like something is orientated wrong, it's because it likely is...


    All these slides were scanned in by me from a family collection. All photos are hosted by the wonderful people at

    Most photos from this series are on this thread, but a few more less interesting ones are available on my flickr page :[email protected]/
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    Wow, great photos Medwards. These must be from around the early to mid seventies?

    I remember that skyline as a kid, and that the AGT/Telus tower was all the rage.
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      Thanks for sharing. I love the one showing the AGT tower under construction.


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        Love the pictures! Thanks so much for taking the time to scan and post them.
        Did my dog just fall into a pothole???


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          That's Century Place under construction.

          Very cool shots. It's been a long time since I've seen one of the old read and cream ETS buses.


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            Fascinating shots.

            Are the following identifications correct?

            112 street, facing north from Whyte Avenue. U of A hospital. Pre-1965 (Trolley wire configuration)

            Jasper Avenue, 98 street, south side. This is where the Convention Centre stands now; the Alberta Hotel would be just across the street kitty-corner from the Queens.

            114 street, looking south approximately from the northern end of the Jubilee station LRT platform

            Walterdale Hill, old ascent pre project Uni
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              Holy crap! Say what you will about Hall D, but its a big improvement over the Queen's Hotel.


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                CN Tower under construction? Enjoyed.


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                  Alberta Jasper Building ~ Great facade !!
                  Queens Hotel ~ Inspiration for the coho shaw convention centre white wall
                  City hall ~ Inspiration for the Robbins centre
                  Still waiting for the Arlington site to be reborn .......


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                    Originally posted by kkozoriz View Post
                    That's Century Place under construction.

                    Very cool shots. It's been a long time since I've seen one of the old read and cream ETS buses.
                    Of course... my mistake.


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                      super cool



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                        The old City Hall so reminds me of the Jetson's, when I saw the picture I found myself humming the theme song.


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                          I'll never understand how a 90's reclad and reno made the Churchill into one of the ugliest buildings downtown. The original would have been so much better:


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                            ^But it's beige concrete brut, ugh, how ugly!

                            The desire to re-clad it is exactly the same one that's about to butcher the AE building on ninth.

                            PS. It is also the same though that gave us the new city hall in place of the old one that's so prominent in the same picture.

                            I am old, and the old modernist world speaks to me.


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                              To be fair, the Churchill was a conversion from surplus office space into seniors housing, and was obviously going to be cheap and likely had to lose a lot (2/3?) of its windows.

                              From RJC

                              But it's ugly in such an indeterminate way. It doesn't look '90s at all, and has far more in common with Academy Place and other apartments scattered throughout Oliver. They took a '60s tower, and they reclad it as a different '60s tower minus any style or proportion.
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