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Edmonton's Late and Great Businesses... your memories please!

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  • Edmonton's Late and Great Businesses... your memories please!

    Greetings, Edmonton!

    Yay! My first post here!

    The longer I live away from my fave city, the more fave memories I have of my life there. Of course, as a kid growing up in Edmonton, some businesses I went to appeared larger than life and will always remain in my mental circa-1960's-70s Edmonton scrapbook.

    I'd love to hear of your fave now-closed businesses, from any era in Edmonton, that remain in your mind and heart. I'll start out with...

    Early sixties, parents and I went at least one time I can remember, to a unique restaurant just south of the Sherwood Park Freeway, just outside Edmonton limits, called the Ali Baba Restaurant. Most notable about this place was that, once seated and decided upon what you wanted to order (I believe they must have served western and/or middle eastern fare), you simply had to pickup the phone which was seen through the clear glass tabletop and attached to the table's single leg below, and order your choices by number to the kitchen via a direct line!

    Another fave business was the old Johnson-Walker men's store within Bonny Doon Mall, which I visited frequently with my dad. At the back of the store was a real fireplace which certainly kept me warm during winters while dad shopped.

    I would also travel with dad to pick up his suits from Page, the Cleaners, original location at 11715 Jasper Ave. and am giddy that it's still there, along with many new locations since I've lived there. Priceless original pageboy logo sign out front.

    Lastly was the Dorchester Bldg, corner of 104 Ave. and 105 St. (sic), where my dad worked upstairs. Now crammed full of professional offices and condo units, I can remember, circa mid-sixties, when it had just a few company offices, lots of warehouse space and it's good to see that the original wood-slat-gated freight elevator is still there, as a fully restored heritage piece, and used to carry people.

    There ya go! Now, what do you remember from Edmonton's early, or more recent, commercial days?

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    Shakey's pizza!!!
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      Originally posted by RichardS View Post
      Shakey's pizza!!!
      Heh, I have one of their pizza pans. Inherited from someone who 'acquired' it.

      I'll mention Turnbull Motors but will note bias since it was run by my father-in-law.

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        Mike's Newstand on Jasper. Could spend hours in there. Also the Saveco stores. One where I believe Oil City now is and the other one is now a gym at 107 Avenue and 142 Street.


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          I gather this is local businesses only, and not multinational chains?

          - Chase
          - Cocktail Club
          - Dantes
          - Overtime

          - River City Chophouse

          - Front Page newstand
          - Amazing Stories comic shop
          - Southside Sound record store
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            should this be merged with i remember ... thread
            Dorchester also housed the last british car sales, service amd parts dealership
            Still waiting for the Arlington site to be reborn .......


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              Thanks guys for posting so far.

              I could have done that, Blueline, but wanted a new thread. Got idea from similar in Victoria:

              That thread, as you would see, had really caught on and I'm foreseeing a proportionally larger response here, since way more people in Edmonton would remember way more businesses.

              While I'm here, another great old pair o' places from my childhood were Storyland Valley Zoo, tacky from an adult's pov but quite magical when seen through a child's eyes and *sniffle* Uncle Albert's Pancake House on Whyte Ave where I'd always leave, a full little kid, with my dad.
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                Mother Tuckers
                The Carvery
                The Cutting Board

                ...darn..all food....mmmmmmmmm steak...
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                  The lunch Counter at Kresges
                  Woodwards !


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                      pig and whistle
                      ken and joe's meats
                      the original teddy's
                      Edmonton Pet Store
                      Still waiting for the Arlington site to be reborn .......


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                        W.W. Arcade, downtown and westend.

                        The closure of the store on Stony Plain Road was devastating for Jasper Place. I think the building is boarded up now, after being used for a while as a video rental place.


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                            The Embers
                            The Cathayan
                            The Purple Lantern
                            Rainbow Ballroom
                            Paramount Theater
                            Odeon Theater
                            Capitol Theater
                            Palace of Sweets
                            Hattie's Chicken Inn
                            Heintzman and Company Music
                            Corona Tavern
                            Riviera Tavern
                            The Tuck Shop
                            Happy Hobbies
                            Lucky's Downhill Ski Shop
                            Seven Seas
                            Acme Novelty
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                              I wasn't sure if defunct chains like Woodwards and Eatons counted or not as local businesses.
                              “You have to dream big. If we want to be a little city, we dream small. If we want to be a big city, we dream big, and this is a big idea.” - Mayor Stephen Mandel, 02/22/2012