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    Good ol' Wok with Yan.

    What a blast from the past.

    Brings back fond memories of when Top_Dawg used to do collections for his paper routes.

    Only to witness all the single worthogs on welfare, sprawled on their couches, totally absorbed by this oriental novelty, while their snot nose kids run wild in the streets.

    And right after, the afternoon soaps came on.

    At which point, out came the vibrators, revved on super high, as they worked their pudendum to shuddering climax.


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      I used to like his shows. Way better then the Bam man.
      Mom said I should not talk to cretins!


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        ^I could see people taking his show now as stereotypical and that he over emphasized pronunciation challenges and such but this was the same time period as the "Swedish Chef" on the muppets and people weren't so uptight and interested in taking offense to everything at the time.

        my own experience with Wok with Yan is he consistently put a smile on my face during a difficult period in my life growing up. He even fostered an interest in cooking that was first incubated by Graham Kerr who had a completely different type of presentation.

        Just thinking of Yan again put a smile on my face. He felt like a friend. Few TV characters are ever able to reach that level.
        "if god exists and he allowed that to happen, then its better that he doesn't exist"


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          Wan and Yan are two different people. It's not 'Wok with Wan' it was 'Wok with Yan'. Sure they could have made it easy on everybody to call Wan's show 'Wok with Wan' but people growing up with 'Wok with Yan' are now at the age where they are easily confused. Wan does cook with a wok but his show is not called 'Gok with a Wok' like Yan's show was not called 'Yan with a Pan'. I suppose Wan's show could have be called 'Gok with a Wok' but 'Stephen with a Wok' does not have the same ring to it. A wok is a pan and not to be confused with Wan or Yan as neither of their shows were called 'Pan with Wan' or 'Pan with Yan'. Just remember a simple rule, Wan/Yan both had pans, Gok has a wok like what Yan used as a pan but Goks wok is the only pan on TV. Yans pans are no more. Really, how hard can that be.
          Gone............................and very quickly forgotten may I add.


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            ^What is this in reply to? Everybody in the thread said "Wok with Yan" Nobody confused him with whoever you were talking about. Just that I felt Yan was the best and remembered that great cooking show.
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            "if god exists and he allowed that to happen, then its better that he doesn't exist"


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              Originally posted by GoldenBearsRule View Post
              Hey everyone, loving this forum so far. It is so great to be able to talk to lots of people around the city, especially after spending so much time away. I just got back from spending a year in South East Asia and learned so, so much. The coolest thing I think I learnt though is how to cook some great rice cooker meals. I am talking things like curry, half chickens, pancakes, and so much more stuff. Seeing as this is for recipe sharing, I thought I would share my favourite recipe I learnt with you all, Massaman Curry. I prefer it with beef, but I have been doing it with chicken legs out here to save. You will need-

              8 small chicken legs
              50g massaman curry paste
              1 cup thick coconut cream
              1 cup thin coconut cream
              50g potato, chopped
              50g onion, chopped
              ¼ cup roast peanuts, chopped
              1 cube stock cube
              1 tablespoon tamarind paste
              1½ tablespoons palm sugar
              2-3 bay leaves
              ¼ cup roast cardamom

              Pour the paste and the thick coconut cream into the rice cooker and put it on steam/warm. Stir it together and put the lid on, then let cook for about 20 minutes. Then stir in the rest of the ingredients, mix it all together and close the lid, putting it on cook for about one hour. If you have a cheaper rice cooker like I did, you might have to give the rice cooker a break after thinning the milk and paste so that it doesn't shut off.

              I also have a question for everyone after sharing that lovely recipe. I want to get a proper Japanese rice cooker now that I am back, and I am having trouble finding a good one in stores. Can anyone recommend somewhere that I could buy one from online perhaps? I am looking for one with a bunch of different options and buttons compared to the one I have now that only has warm and cook. Thanks in advance and I hope you all enjoy the recipe!
              Glad this turned into such a big discussion. I hope that who ever managed to make this meal loved it. I will be trying to make some more of my rice cooker recipes to post on here if you all want, I have managed to get a really good Japanese Rice Cooker that was for sale on and I have been able to make some really interesting things in it, like upside down cake and even lasagna.