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    Quick no bake cheesecake.

    1 8oz. pckge. Cream Cheese
    1 Box Jello (flovor of your choice)
    1 Graham Cracker Crumb Crust

    Make Jello as per box instructions. When jello is disolved and water is still very hot cube the cream cheese and put into the hot jello mixture. You may have to keep the jello over the head until this is done. When the cream cheese has dissolved pour the mixture into the crust and put in fridge overnight for it to set.
    If you use lemon jello you could substitute lemon juice instead of water, cranberry juice with strawberry or raseberry jello, orange juice with orange jello.
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      Originally posted by IanO View Post
      -Any kind of pasta
      -garlic mashed
      i'm going to bend rules a bit by adding
      4 ingredients to this one!

      - olive oil
      - squeezed lemon
      - finely chopped sun-dried tomatoes
      - finely chopped parsley
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        Potato leek soup version 1.0
        - potatoes
        - leeks
        - butter
        - buttermilk

        Version 2.0
        - salt
        - pepper
        - olive oil
        - finely chopped parsley

        Oh, and umm...water. I cheated.
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          Easy party food

          Honey garlic meatballs:

          - no-name storebought BBQ sauce
          - frozen meatballs
          - chopped garlic
          - honey to taste

          Throw in slow-cooker. Cook. Serve.


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            - flour
            - water
            - yeast
            - salt

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              Beef roast
              Half jar of pepperoncini's with brine
              Half stick of butter
              Package of hidden valley ranch mix

              Throw in crock pot on low for 6 hrs, shred with fork, serve on a bun.