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City wants restaurant’s licence cancelled

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    Damn, I remember hanging out in Calgary in the late 80's/early 90's and they had a half assed pizza joint (or I guess chain) called Panagopoulos. Not sure if it was in Edmonton at the time. Now, it's about as hit or miss as it comes. Whatever happened?
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      Originally posted by Kitlope View Post
      Naw, it will reopen tomorrow. Just a slap on the pee-pee.
      City can do that if they want to !!
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        Originally posted by JamesL View Post
        It's a sad day when I learn that someone is producing a "pizza" product worse than Pizza 73.
        Only reason I suggest Pizza 73 to people is because out of all the pizza joints that are open late, it's the best of a bad lot!
        Originally posted by SP59 View Post
        Christ, they have gotten pretty awful the last little while, eh? We used to order from Panago all the time- the last few times the pizza has just been bad...don't know what happened, but on the other hands it seems like non of the major pizza chain places are as good as they used to be...