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Carls Jr headed to Edmonton

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  • Originally posted by Eminent View Post
    Who gets excited about a new fast food chain from the States?
    Lots of people. When McDonalds came to Edmonton a lot of people wanted to try it.

    Pretty much the same when new chain stores appear, or some new electronic gadget or service enters our market (cable, iPhone, Netflix...) and so on.

    Also people get excited when some new slow food restaurant opens. Just food, just going to get pooped out in a few hours but, go figure, people find such things interesting.


    • That's why I prefer to find non-chain, local places to eat at when I travel. If I want Carl's Jr., I know where to find one on my next trip south. That said, you're much more likely to find me at The Stinking Rose or House on NanKing than a burger chain when I'm in San Francisco for example.


      • Carl Jr is quickly closed down in Ontario due to a greasy burger and pricey, so no one like this one very much anymore.
        Edmonton Rocks Rocks Rocks