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Covid 19 food handling

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  • Covid 19 food handling

    On Global news last night they did a story from some place called WoodShed burgers or something like that.It showed some guy named Paul and his staff handling burgers with their bare hands and no protection. I can tell you that is the last place I would order take out from.
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    Gloves don't magically protect from COVID. Someone wearing gloves and constantly touching their face, or raw meat etc is a serious health risk. And someone properly washing their hands prior to handling food is not a health risk. That said, it's probably good practice to be wearing gloves, but they're not a replacement for proper food handling, hygiene and sanitation.


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      That being said, Paul Shufelt is a terrible human being who doesn't advocate for paying a livable wage, so feel free to continue boycotting his places for other, non-COVID-related reasons.

      I know I'll never step foot in one of his restaurants, ever.
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        Even though we feel terrible for the affected restaurants, my wife and I have decided against ordering take-out for the duration of the community spread phase of the pandemic.

        While otherwise healthy, we are in our mid to late 60s with each of us having one of the underlying health conditions that increases the risk of serious illness.

        With just the two of us, we've gotten into the habit of eating out frequently. But I must say cooking together from raw ingredients while trying out new recipes (thank you internet) has been a lot more fun than I expected.