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    We asked ambassadors where they eat when they’re homesick. We did not expect Taco Bell and Ikea.

    My fave (and many in the comments)... Sweden:

    As part of fredagsmys [cozy Fridays] in Sweden, we have tacoskväll [taco night], so I go to Cactus Cantina often on Fridays even though I get chicken fajitas, not tacos. And do you know about the candy wall at Ikea? Swedes have lördagsgodis [Saturday candy]; Saturday is for eating candy. In my house, we eat two pounds of candy every Saturday. That’s a normal amount for a family of four. I will say American Swedish Fish are better than in Sweden, but I eat mormors löständer, like gummy jelly teeth. I started eating those in my 30s. Sometimes people say you have to choose candy or healthy foods. This or that. No. I am a both person.
    Which leads me to the point of this thread.

    What food would you miss if you were an Ambassador for Edmonton posted to Washington DC?
    I am in no way entitled to your opinion...

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    PS: Read the Comments for that WaPo story. A delightful tonic to most Comments sections. And some recipe pointers.
    I am in no way entitled to your opinion...