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  • Victoria Golf Course restaurant

    Going un-local:

    Cheque, please: City ends lease deal on Dogwood Café | CBC News

    Staples: City dumps local restaurateur in favour of multinational | Edmonton Journal

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    Didn’t realize that there was a thread on this:

    Culina @ Victoria GC

    And maybe this:

    Should we allow things like this along the river?
    Originally posted by IanO View Post
    So Vancouver is about to open a cactus club on a beach in english bay, but no Edmonton, don't touch the river valley.

    Edmonton mayor makes push for river valley park similar to Vancouver's popular seawall
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      'Should we allow things like this along the river?'

      100% yes. Not everywhere, but in already developed spots.



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        Hey .. this Houston-HQ company has a food truck and operates oilsands camps.We'll get the best frozen hotdogs ever!!!!!!! American frozen hotdogs!!!!Way to FU yet again Edmonton.
        ... gobsmacked


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          I saw an exchange on twitter this morning with someone suggesting maybe the Edmonton Prospects/ReMax Field open a space for the people from Dogwood Cafe, which I thought was a great idea. Turns out ReMax Field already has something in the works for a restaurant/cafe called Smoke & Pickle (?) for this summer.

          Here's hoping there's a patio. This is the type of valley commercialization that makes sense.


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            Copy/paste from another thread:

            Originally posted by Me
            Actually, I was at Riverside on Saturday. $5 for a terrible hot dog that took 10 minutes because they didn't have any ready (at 11:45 am with a full tee sheet on a beautiful Saturday), both ketchup and mustard were basically empty, no other toppings and $4 for a 500ml Coke. I'd probably have paid the $8.50 for a beer, but they didn't have any as they haven't sorted out their liquor license yet.

            *slow clap*

            Those prices are 20% or so higher than at private courses, by the way. Pretty sure a Steamwhistle supercan at the Edmonton Country Club is $7.50.

            And yes, off topic, I'll take it to the appropriate thread.

            It was Red Table, otherwise known as Civeo.


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              ^ For reference, last year at Dogwood Cafe (Victoria GC), beer prices ranged from $5.75 for a can of domestic up to $8.00 for a craft 500 mL.