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Calories too high for modern lifestyle

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  • Calories too high for modern lifestyle

    Sort of obvious, but then, it means that there is no easy way out:

    An analysis of 30 years of data by the LSE has proven that the obesity crisis is largely driven by modern lifestyles, which have allowed us to become so inter-connected that people barely need to leave their desks or sofas to work, socialise or shop.

    It means that traditional meals recommended by parents are now simply too much for a less-active generation.

    Trade deals between countries have also caused food prices to tumble, creating virtually unlimited access to unrestricted calories for most people, while on-tap entertainment through television, smartphones and personal computers has replaced many traditional hobbies and activities.

    Recommended calorie counts which have been around 2500 for men and 2000 for women since the First World War, were set at a time when people naturally moved far more in their daily lives. But the new study suggests they may now be too high and researchers say that people need to stop eating the way their parents taught them.

    I watch my weight quite closely. I fluctuate between about 170 pounds all the way up to 190. To get down to 170 or less, I have to consume about 1600 calories a day (which feels close to starvation - hungry much of the day), even with walking an hour a day and about 20 minutes of weights. If I consume about 1800 calories I can maintain weight, at 2,000 or up I start gaining (always happens to me towards Christmas as more events). Its tough, no amount of fad diets seem to recognize the simple equation, and how even at 6.2 and male, and quite active for these times, I can't eat anywhere near the 2,500 calories of a few generations back.