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    I can't find the thread but some posters were asking what happened to Bubba's BBQ. He has reopened on a vacant lot on the south side of the Superstore at 51st Ave. and Gateway Blvd. He is open from 11:00 am till the 12:30 - 1:00 pm range, M -F. Monday is chicken, Tuesday is pulled pork in tomato sauce, Wednesday is pulled pork in some other sauce, Thursday is beef brisket and Friday is pork rib day.
    This doesn't sound very appealing..
    He does Tennessee pulled pork (Tuesday) and Carolina pulled pork (Wednesday) - both are delicious.
    I guess the below the board joke didn't quite work out..
    "if god exists and he allowed that to happen, then its better that he doesn't exist"


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      Was featured on CBC this morning with Twyla.. guess there'll be many more people there this and next week.


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        Bad news for Bubbas. Hopefully can get going again.
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          Great news! Bubba's has reopened after the trailer fire two years ago.

          New location at the Osman Auction parking lot. 75 st. and Wagner Road.


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            Saw that the other day.
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